~2023 Bruce Banner Autoflower~

I was so impressed with my first couple runs of Bruce Banner Autos from ILGM. Ive decided to use them as the official tester strain for the Ultra-Pot Advanced Grow System by New Life Hydroponics. So what better way to introduce this system to everyone than through the official ILGM Forums.

The Ultra-Pot offers Drip/Aeroponic/Rdwc/Ebb & Flow in a single unit. Allowing the grower to utilize the most productive root zone irrigation known currently for each stage of the plants life.

I will be utilizing the Rdwc/Drip/Aero for the first few weeks of growth until roots have occupied the flood zone. Then will flip the system to Rdwc.

I have a 13 gallon root zone split between 2 Autos with a 20 gallon bottom feed reservoir.

The reservoir is on a glide system that allows me to gently pull it out enough to make nutrient changes, daily testing, and anything else reservoir related much more user friendly.

The frame is steel and has the options of adjustable height, casters, scrog, and frame expansion.

As stated above its in its final testing stages. New ideas keep rolling in but thats for future models.

Now on to the Grow!!! :star_struck::metal::seedling:

So they were planted yesterday at noon and placed under an Inkbird heatmat. Once again the heatmat caused one of my beans to grow upside down lol. I love the express germination that heatmats provide. Less than 24 hours for atleast one bean. I imagine the other will break ground sometime today as well.

I gently dug up the sprout and redirected root down into my rockwool. Then tossed some loose fibers around the bean to secure it.

I invite everyone to follow this grow, give feedback, and support each other in our endeavors.

Until the next update, Happy Growing Growmies!


I’m currently growing my 1st BBA. I’m in!! :eyes:


Hell yeah!!! Youre going to absolutely love this strain. They’re hearty af. From my own experience theyre extremely long flowering. Dont plan on an early harvest. My last grow took 152 days from seed to harvest, and still never ended up with any amber on my buds. Just on sugar leaves. I finally called it at 152 days. Off 2 BB autoflowers i got 1300+grams dry and cure off this system on the very first trial. Sounds like a crazy number for an Auto but i assure you youll break your own records with this strain.


Watching :sunglasses::v::heart:


I got 2 of them in the stash box. Those numbers are fxxxin impressive!


Lookin pretty sweet. I’ll be watching ! Good luck

Get Growin!


@Ebb That’s about how long my Girl Scout Cookie autos took too.
I’ve read that’s it’s a powerful buzz too. Looking forward to that lol.


I have to ask. What is your connection to / association with ultra-pot? For full disclosure purposes and all that.
nice looking set up.


@beardless Im bangin the boss :rofl::metal::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I love hydro :sunglasses: I’m along for the ride.

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Here’s a nice ILGM Banner auto in the home stretch. Any day now. I accidently topped this one and it has 16 huge tops. Who says you can’t top an auto. I tasted a bud that “accidently broke off” and wowie!


@Gooch99 looking great Growmie. Youll never get burnt out on this one

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@beardless actually, i work for and help design and test the products. Its a small grassroots level buisness just cutting its teeth and hand crafting units to order.


Good luck with it. A family business? :heart: :heart:


That’s one way to do it!
I like it, where can we find more info?



I am in dire need of setting my hydro back up. This looks like a clean shtick I could get behind.


Still working on getting a website built and an inventory published. Im clueless in that department so im not really sure yet. I can say probably within the next month we will have something ready.

We’re really hoping it gets traction and we can make something out of this. The goal is to make affordable systems that are built to last and can be fully customized and expanded on.

We dont have the bankroll big buisness has so initially the units will not reflect our vision of super affordable high end systems due to our manufacturing costs. But should be comparable to similar systems.

So what would you expect to pay for something like the unit pictured above? Id like to get a feel for the price expectations to make sure im not looking at everything wrong.


I would expect to pay a little more than what it costs to build myself, but I haven’t really priced out. I would have to do some digging into what is comparable before I determined what I would be willing to pay. I think having one spot to get a turn key operation on a table adds a lot of value though.

Personally, the two large net pots is a little bit of a turn off for me. Without knowing dimensions I was thinking if this was available in 4 or maybe even 6 netpot version would be at least a little more attractive. Maybe something to consider offering as alternative or upgrade down the road.

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Interesting thought. I enjoy having just 1-2 spaces for hydro plants, but also having a modular approach so I could easily add another 1-2 spaces to the system (effectively doubling my grow capacity by adding another table to the existing system) would certainly have a lot of appeal. That’s actually the very reason I ended up landing on autopots - it’s $60 for a new tray to introduce into the system, but beyond needing a couple barbed fittings, it’s painless to add infinite pots.

@Ebb for what it’s worth, I easily spent $200 setting up the autopot system (4 plants) and have no real versatility - it’s not fully hydroponic but it’s “close.” I spent a similar amount of money on 8 DWC bubble buckets with air stones, net pots, and an air pump. I picked up a small aeroponic cloner for about $70. I built a DIY hydroponic setup out of my DWC bubble buckets for $40-50 additional in materials. And of course, the dreaded water chiller ($350).

Anyway, that is to say pricing varies pretty heavily. I can get behind a minor investment ($60) to add on to a modular system. I can get behind a “major” investment ($150-250) (more like medium, but I accept peoples’ budgets vary) for a smaller system with the ability to expand as my grow grows. If I had to pull the trigger on a big system from the onset, honestly, I probably wouldn’t. I dabble too much to commit big funds all at once.