Happy almost spring 21. Xo! I’m at the seedlings stage. I hope you are all flourishing. :blush:All my girls have germinated. In my excitement for a new season I went with some tasty genes although I wasn’t thinking geographically. :thinking: I’m in PA. Gonna be an outdoor grow as usual. Do you think the Grand Daddy Purp and the skywalker og and Cally Dream for that matter be ok in this climate. I’m I’m really not trying to create a challenge before I have one. The strains look awesome and my hope is that they can thrive In This environment. I am growing a 2020 blue dream left over from last season that I never used. That Blue dream is solid smoke and a warm hug. Thanks all.


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Trying to start a new thread for the season and mot be taco g anyone else’s​:blush:. Just want to say high and wish everyone fruitfulness. I hope you can see the post above. Best wishes. :pray:t2:


That is not to tackle anyone else’s thread! :v:


Looking good so far: hopefully you are putting a dome over starts and only misting inside of dome twice a day: media does look wet in picture.

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Following! And plenty of green vibes sent your way sir! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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In like Flynn. :facepunch:
Def along for the ride brother.
Looks good so far. :+1:

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Set to watching! Thanks for the tag!

Thank you all. Of course I watered before I saw the reach. Tishri concentrated watering at everyone’s base. Go and figure. feel the Green :heart: Coincidentally on this fine St Patty’s Day. Girllys today…

:peace_symbol: Brothers.

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I actually pulled the domes as soon we broke on to the planet. I was trying to gain natural strength. I’m going to re cover. I just don’t want to by chance gangly spike.

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Good day all!! So. I have a seed from a medical purchase from the dispensary. First one I ever found. It was one isolated seed in a bud in an eighth. This puppy actually just sprouted. Any feeling as to if this would be female? This strain is INSA Sunshine 4. This was delicious fire. I was wondering what you think

I also planted a seed from a Gold Leaf sista last season that hermied. I’m wondering what the likelihood of this hopefully being female. Was from A gem Gold Leaf. That plant grew very tall. Raining and below 50 here today. :thinking::v:

Gold Leaf. Sprouted 2/1![image|640x480](upload://



Let "er ride! :call_me_hand:t3:

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Do you feel partial as to when you would roll down that top? Looking very healthy this sunny AM. ! Top of the day to ya…

BTO? Major past blast.

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WAter balance under control thank you. . Girls are starting to get with the program. I think they are done sleeping in and acting like babies.:baby: progressing daily. :+1:


You could lower your light a bit to reduce stretching. When you transplant you can put the starts in a bit deeper and cover some of the stem.

Peat pots should be scored or removed prior to transplant, especially if growing autos.


Hey thank you. Good morning. I will rip off the bottoms and actually that top half inch boarder. I agree with going a little deeper up on the stem. I do that bery successfully W tomato’s. . They dry out (jiffy pot girls) very quickly. I’m not outside for two months. I’m running the day In The window sill. As natural light disappears my inside light goes on to extend to about 16 hours. They are stretching tiny bit. I try to be 3 - 4 inches above.w light. Just trying to grow and be healthy inside for the transplant in about two months. Seems very far away. I hope this starter pot is all I need for that time frame. . I have some puzzling thought in reference to my outside bed. If you wouldn’t mind noodling…A till or not to till puzzlement. I’m pretty ready to work the ground. I hope you have a day w great Karma. You all certainly deserve it.:blush:


Ya know. I could top the jiffy’s with another inch of soil??

Nice! :call_me_hand:t3: