N.Y. Outdoor. Super mix Autoflowers

I’ve been a long time vegetable gardener, but this will be my first attempt at Autoflowers and trying to grow them correctly.
I have tried growing weed before, all from seeds found in stuff I purchased. The plants were always hidden and with maybe 6 hours of sun the harvest was never bountiful! About 5 years ago a male plant basically gave me seeds for life from 3 girls that were growing.!!
Now that it’s legal to grow in N.Y I did a little research about buying seeds online, and ILGM was by far best recommend.
I ordered the super mix Autoflowers pack and put one of each seed in water.

I’ve been bouncing around this site reading the bible and multiple journals for the last couple of weeks now. Talk about information overload!! So in my head I know it all… Ha! Here goes… I am not the most tech savvy so bare with me.

May 16: soaked 1 of each seed in water for 48 hours. G.S.C.E. Bruce and G.G.
I also soaked a few of my no name seeds.

May 18: Time to plant the seeds in soil. The soil is a mix of compost, garden soil, peat, vermiculite and perlite.
The G.G seed and the GSCE seed have opened and show signs of the root. The B.B. has a healthy looking root.

May 22: Bruce Banner has come out to play… Yes!!
No signs of life from GSCE or G.G. yet.

May 24: B.B doing good, 3 of the regular seeds have signs of life.
Nothing from GSCE or G.G yet.

May 25: In the morning neither the GSCE or G.G had germinated, so I decided to soak 1 more of each.
By late afternoon the G.G germinated, but still nothing from the GSCE.

This is the BB
And this is the GG

May 29: Today! So I had to move everything into the greenhouse yesterday because of the 4 days of rain forecast.
The BB is 7 days since germination

And the GG, 4 days

This is a comparison of the BB and a regular plant that germinated 2 days after the BB. Wondering if the BB should be a little bigger?

Unfortunately I have given up on the GSCE germinating.

The good news though is that both the GSCE and the GG seeds I planted on Wednesday after a 24 hour soak both came up today

This is obviously an outdoor grow, next season I will definitely start earlier. It will be interesting maintaining the plants during the summer heat.
Don’t want to jump the gun, but if I end up with at least 2oz per plant I will be very happy.

I plan to plant 3 more seeds in 3 weeks, and then 3 more 3 weeks after that to keeps things growing till November. The greenhouse (8x10) will help!

The regular seeds, not knowing if boy or girl will be in for all kinds of experimentation.
I do plan to LST the auto’s. First time doing it but I’m game, maybe a cut and a fim. Gotta start somewhere!

I think I over watered a little but they haven’t had water since Wednesday and are still a little moist.

The compost and peat are purchased but the garden soil used is from my own garden.
At the end of the season all of the soil in my garden containers (10 gal) used for tomatoes and peppers is dumped onto one of my raised beds and mixed in. Then covered until March. The soil is full of worms and has a good pH.

I’m not going to go crazy with nutrients, so I’m armed with a 20 20 20 for the vegetative stage and a 10 30 20 for the flowering stage as per the grow bible, (my head is numb)!

I will try to post weekly and would really appreciate a push in the right direction if you see that I am doing something that could be done better.


Sounds like a fun ride. I’m gonna be watching this one for sure.
Oh, welcome to the forum. :smiley:

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I always wondered how people grew outside. The desert/out west. Where I live everyday at 6PM there are thunderstorms, so I’d have to take it inside every afternoon. We get them all night long too.
NY in the summer would be similar.
What’s the plan? What do you outdoor growers do when thunderstorms show up?

Do you take them inside every night?

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Let them enjoy the ride…Been doing it forty years, rarely had a problem due to thunderstorms. Branches can snap and keep on trucking if not totally broken off.


I usually leave the plants outside. Not that I had any clue as to what I was doing. But the plants didn’t seem to suffer with too much rain.
In N.Y. though we do get long periods of dry weather in the summertime.
The plants I have growing now are protected in the greenhouse because they are still very small.

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My tomato garden gets tossed around in the summer. I don’t know how the cola’s stand up to the storms, lol. It gets brutal almost everyday here in the NE in the summer.
I’ll keep an eye out for reports. Thanks.

This is also ILGM’s super mix popped on 5/18 the only strain I had an issue with was Bruce banner so I just started another gorilla glue in its place. Also from NY :raising_hand_man:t2:

I am not growing anything outside this season (except for our veg garden stuff). So I will enjoy watching everyone’s grows. Plant’s grown outside (excluding my failed attempts) always seem like they are growing where they should be. I like the successive planting. I do that with my spring peas. Good luck

If seeds dont germ keep them email ilgm and they will replace non germ seeds if it is not a cuase on ur part. If done right and no herm they will.cover the seeds and give new or a credit for new. Keep the seeds lol

Looks like you’ve got quite a few growing there! I plan to break my grow up. The original plan was to plant one of each seed every 3 weeks.
Well 1 GSCE didn’t germinate and I didn’t think I was going to have much luck with the GG, (she came up), so I planted one more of each.
They started to germinate last Saturday. Because of the last 4 days of rain I kept them in the greenhouse.
They didn’t do to well.

This one is on life support.

And this one is gone.
I’m wondering if it’s because they got almost zero sunlight in 72 hrs??

So I just put another GSCE seed in water for a 24 hour soak.

The others look fine. All 6 to 9 days from germination.

@Spiridly Well for our location I built my own little germination “box” with a small aquarium, some plastic wrap and a fluorescent light, I’m actually using it to pop my green bean seeds now,

you may have better luck popping your ladies in a more controlled environment indoors instead of depending on natural sunlight which can be spotty up here lol

@Spiridly i forgot to mention in my germination box I also use a heating pad under it

Looks like a good set up. I know that I have an old aquarium up in the attic someplace, if I need it I’ll definitely try it out.
How tall are your stalks though, they look a little stretched.
I am going to start germinating indoors though. I have one of those ’ Bionic Garage lights’ (as seen on TV)! It’s really bright, and with an avg temp of around 76 in the basement they should be OK. As soon as they pop they are going outdoors.

I gotta say that this ILGM site is amazing! I wasn’t sure why my last 2 seeds died after germination, so I went to the ILGM guide.
Apparently there was a fungus in the soil.

Not liking the sound of that, a fungus! especially since I mix my own soil, I had to ask a few questions…
Apparently, someone mixed in the spent soil from various starter containers after transplant into my good potting mix.
Problem solved I hope.

I grow in sub irrigation planters. No hope of thunderstorms, rain, or humid here. These are about three month old white widow autos in a greenhouse that is way too hot. It was 106 here a few days ago.

Locked greenhouse because of local laws and theft.

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Looking really good! I can see that you don’t top them.
Since I’m growing outdoors and since it is finally legal in N.Y. I plan to leave them out in the garden and only put them back into the greenhouse if there is some kind of major storm. We tend to get the worst storms in October and November.
Summertime temps in the backyard should average around 86 with about 80% humidity.

BB day 13

GG day 10


I’m also in ny. Doing inside and outside. Just forewarning that it is not legal to grow as of yet. 18 months after the first recreational sale is when we can stay growing. 6 months if you have a medical card. Its just legal to possess 3 oz and you can consume anywhere you can smoke cigarettes. So still be cautious. Anyways, a little bit of a late start but there is no problem with that. I’ve started them just outside and they get big enough with a good yield. Especially if you do an autoflower grow starting them early isn’t going to get you very far because they will just flower when they want too. I grow photoperiods and grow monsters outdoors. You can see in my journal. Looking good always great to see another growing from the same state. Good luck on the grow!


I appreciate the heads up. All I know about the new law is that you can have 3 mature plants and 3 seedlings per family member over 21.
I have grown no name regular seeds before. They got about 2 shots of miracle grow in their lifetimes! I was clueless! Over watering is an understatement! Like I said clueless! For the most part they were hidden away and shaded but I still managed to get a something of a harvest.
This year I’ve kinda got that F it attitude, but I will be careful, thanks!

Yeah 3 and 3 but u can only have 12 max 6 veg 6 flower at a time. Per household. And I hear ya. Id grow if it was legal or not. Just saying be careful and don’t use that mg its trash for weed.

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Not planing to. That was then, this is now! This site has opened up a whole new world for me. I’ve got my 20 20 20 ready for 1st feeding in 3 days. Only gonna use 1/3 recommend amount. What are you feeding plants

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I use advanced nutrients, recharge , and great white mychorrazae. For some razzle dazzle on the roots

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