My First Try GG4 Auto

Just wondering how it’s looking and any thoughts. I used GG4 autoflower seeds. I originally had two plants but had some trouble with the second one early in. This seed was germinated 6/18 and in the soil on 6/20. I used some no name LEDs for the first two weeks. Seemed ok. They’ve been outside in MD since 7/1. Soil was Miracle Grow (I’m guessing that’s a sin around here, I’m getting Fox Farms for my next seeds). Used some Bergman’s seedling nutes a few times Bergman’s veg nutes a few times. It’s in a 4 gallon pot with 4 drain holes. It’s only about a foot tall. Also, I didn’t quite fill it up with soil, could have used a few more inches. Anyway the plant is now 11 inches tall. Seems a little short but I don’t know. I haven’t done anything to it other than trim a few burnt lower leaves. Any thoughts, comments, or questions are welcome. Looking forward to seeing this through.


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Be careful feeding wirh more nutrients because Miracle-Gro soil is very very hot im being told here and its true… dont ever think about using their powdered fertilizers. It will kill them in 8 hours! The soil has timed release nutrients in it and you never know when they’re being released. You mentioned you lost one. I bet it was after a feeding then the tips of the leaves turned brown. Then yellow then the yellow travled all the way down the leaves to the stalk. Then the stalk droopec over? Am i right? I have killed plants, many tomatoes and a few cannabis seedlings with Miracle-Gro grow products. I would avoid them at all cost. Heck, they dont even care about the planets environment. They spew carcinogenic waste into the nearby waters and landscape…


Won’t use the Miracle Grow soil again. That was out of laziness and availability. I’d def. do a few things different when my SD seeds show up. I lost the other plant after transplanting. Now that I look at a pic of it it did have some healthy new leaves and might have made it. Oh well. Any thoughts on the look of the plant I do have?


It looks like how alot of autos grow. They have their own timeline… it looks healthy… it will make it…

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I learnd the same way as you… i burned up alot of decent tomatoes experimenting with freakin Miracle-Gro…lol… that stuff will kill a plant faster than it will make it grow…hahaha

Waiting on my Sour Diesel seeds and a fabric pot and then I’ll try another round. Better product and a little more knowledge this time.


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I’m away from my plant for most of the week. Saw it today. Flowers are looking decent but a few leaves are looking like this. Any thoughts on what the problem may be? I’m just using Bergman nutes sparingly and tap water. I won’t really be able to adjust what I’m doing very much but I’d like to at least know what’s going on. Thanks again for the input.



Looks like nutrients burn but need numbers to now what’s going on need more info @Phil_Bombs what soil indoors or outdoors temperatures and humidity

Outdoors. North MD weather. At that point hadn’t had nutrients in about 2 weeks. Just tap water. No idea of ph or anything like that. Miracle grow potting soil (I know, won’t use it again). Overall the plant looks ok but a decent amount of leaves have some burn.

To early for nutes, especially in MG soil.

This is a no go. You need a ph pen and a tds meter. This is not optional equipment.

Chlorine and chloramine free I hope.

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They were looking pretty decent until a watering last week. I’ll just stick with water no nutes. No idea what’s in my water. This is a first time winging it grow. I’ll be getting a tent and some equipment for the future.

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I suggest letting your tap water out in a bucket for 24 hours before giving it to your plant.

You are gonna need a ph and TDS meter sooner rather then later. Nutrients only available at certain PH and tds of runoff tells you when its time to feed again.

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I looked at the town’s water info. Chlorine but no chloramine. I’ll leave the water out before using. Finally got a ph tester. I’m at 8.1. Got some ph up/down so I’m gonna go about fixing my water now.

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Just about at the end of my first grow. Think I’m gonna pull it in Saturday. This was an almost zero effort grow. Miracle grow soil(I know) and only one feeding (way too strong) of nutes. I’m only around the plant every weekend or so. Obviously no training at all. Looking forward to future grows once I get a tent.


9.xx grams dried. I’m herb rich!