2020 MA Outdoor Summer Grow

Hey everyone.

It’s been a few years since I’ve posted here. I wonder how many of my old friends are around. I learned most of what I know about growing from this forum. Now, probably 10 - 12 grows and pounds of quality cannabis later, I thought I’d come back and check it out - and journal my summer grow.

These were given to me as clones in solo cups. It was too early to plant outside when I got them (still getting into the 30’s f at night) so I kept them inside. I purposely tried to slow down their growth. I waited longer than normal to transplant from the solo cups to a bigger pot. All in hopes of slowing them down.

Anyway, they’re in the ground now and starting to grow fast. I’m trying something I haven’t done before, which is to SCROG outdoors. In New England, the end of the season can be scary. It’s cold, windy, and rainy. Every year I fight with mold and plants falling over because the big duds get weighted down with water. I’m hoping SCROG will help. Plus, I have nothing to lose. Based on what I learned here I have so much bud on hand I cold totally lose this crop and still not run out of smoke. However, I have no doubt I’ll get to harvest this fall. I’ve also put some chicken wire around the garden to keep dogs out when friends bring them over. My dog won’t walk on them but I can’t trust others to be as careful.

I’ll try to post weekly updates if people care to follow along.

I also have a new order of Bubble Gum seeds from ILGM I’ll grow soon.


Looking good. Welcome back.


Thank you!

Agree with Flxer! Welcome back, I got an indoor BG that is doing well, am a first time grower, and think I might clone her for my next grow…easy growing, beautiful plant. Hope the smoke is good as it’s reputation :slight_smile:

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@Zee Curious on the taste. Definitely let me know. Please tag me if you have a journal going.

I never started my indoor grow, this last round. With this virus and job security questionable, I didn’t want to jack up my electric bill. I have 2 pounds sealed in jars from previous grows so I felt okay skipping an indoor grow. Growing outdoor is almost free :sunglasses:

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Will do, give me a few days.

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A picture of each lady this morning. They all look pretty good. The dark leaves are older growth before I could put them in the ground. The lighter leaves are all new growth since transplanting.

I have to admit, I don’t fuss very much over my plants anymore. If I see a bad leaf or something, I don’t freak out. I snip it off and walk away. I can remember when I would be so concerned. It’s like having a 2nd or 3rd child. Once you get past the first, you don’t worry nearly as much about the next ones.


Ugh! Spider mites. Captain Jack to the rescue…

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I love your raised beds how deep are they? If it’s ok I’d like to check out your outside grow as I’m trying my 1st outside grow this summer, plants going out 2 weeks from today. Also inside grow 4 fem plants just in case my outside goes sideways on me. :sunglasses:

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I’ll tag you moving forward. I think they were 12" high but, as you can see, the beds are falling apart. I’ll replace next spring. I’m debating a greenhouse instead.

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I got a iPower 19" bud trimmer today. I’m actually surprised at how solid and heavy it is. It’s going to make harvest so much easier! I made a video on my new YouTube channel of it (I hope we can still post videos :crossed_fingers:).


Video journal of the last 2 weeks. Go easy, I’m a new YouTuber… lol

The last 1.5 weeks… They’ve grown a lot in that amount of time.

Feel free to follow so you’ll be notified of new updates. I’ll try to post here though.

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Latest update.

8 weeks in the ground as clones. 12 weeks total.

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9 & 11 weeks in the ground. This is going to be a great harvest! It is 2020 though, so I won’t count my chickens just yet.

12 weeks in the ground. Budding has started. I think this is going to be a sick harvest! Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

13 weeks in the ground. Buds everywhere! :sunglasses: