My 2nd Grow, WW photo

I’m starting my 2nd grow. We’re having visitors at the end of the month so I can’t start until they leave… Or, he, he, I bought a propagation tent and Mars Hydro 960W light put in my room. Now I can clone Learn to anyway. And start seeds, 1-1/2 months before harvest. going to try this one with a little less help from you… ya right… LOL
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Good luck on the new grow! :v:

Best of luck! You’re going to do great :+1:

@Royc - I know you’ll do a Awesome Job :star_struck: Good Luck and hope you have a good time with your visitors. I’ll be looking for you in a few weeks. :face_with_monocle:


looks like they want to see the Red Sox. we go every time they’re in town.

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@Royc - I’m also a Red Sox fan , if you don’t mind me asking but are you in MA …I’m from MA, Westport, about an hour from Boston , I’m on the RI line, Little Compton is only quarter mile away, Newport RI 30 minutes.



8 miles north of Boston @MBgrower

@Royc - I’m South of Boston !!! Love that they legalized Marijuana :heart_eyes: But know one seems to know the law. I called the Town Hall , Police Station and even went the Courthouse - I get different answer - some say 12 plants, some say 6 plants per person per household , I even got 12 plants per household 6 in veg and 6 in flower per household - That’s a lot of Plants


the way it was explained to me was 6 plants per person 3 in veg and 3 in flower 12 total per household 6/6 but I could be wrong anyone know the Massachusetts limit on plants?
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if you know anyone from mass. please tag em or ask them please

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@Bogleg? You’re up that way.

sorry @Royc i do not know about mass. legal limits…sorry

Me neither. Its all Tom Clancy: Covert Status round here. Google it :joy::rofl:


12 total, 6 flowering.


thank you @elheffe702

6 per person 3veg 3flower total of 12 in household 6veg 6flower

trying 2x2x4 tent to start seeds but down around soil keeps getting hot. around 90* is this too hot and should I use thermometer to check soil… What’s too hot for germinating? I always catch it getting high and am able to fix it… Is light to big 700watt 294 from wall

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Im pretty sure seeds like it warm and humid. U maybe 5-10 degrees warm. But they should germ just fine. Is the air temp 90 or the soil? Because if soil… what is making it so hot

Edit. Maybe the light. What is the distance? Can u move it up a bit? Or add a fan blowing on the light?

You might want to bring the light up some. That’s the least thing they need until breaking the ground: light. I would prefer to see the soil temps around 78F myself. Lots of bad things happen in a hot wet environment.


@PurpNGold74 yes I tried moving the light and I have air blowing in. I got to dial it in should take a couple weeks to figure it out