Outdoor Summer 2018 .... Mulegal

Hello All. Since I harvested my first grow 2 weeks ago, I decided to begin a new grow journal…“Outdoor Summer 2018…Mulegal”

I’m throwing out tags to folks who joined me on my first grow. But anyone who’d like to come along…jump on in.

@highcountrygal, @Myfriendis410, @raustin, @Mrcrabs, @MattyBear, @neckNflu, @FloridaSon, @Covertgrower, @GreenThunder I’m sure I’m forgetting many…


Awesome @mulegal here and watching. Can you refresh myself and others what strains got started for your summer grow?


Here for the summer vibes! Best wishes for your ladies :wink:


If you’ve you’ve been with me on the other journal you know the deal.

2 Jack Herer ILGM photos in 10gal pots
2 Amnesia Haze Autos in 5 gal pots

They are 5 weeks old today…give or take one way or the other on germination dates. Transplanted into final pots at 3 weeks ±, and they have been hardened off for the past 2 weeks.

The AH autos are familiar from my last/first grow One was very late to germinate and is a week later. Actually I had 2 more that didn’t Germinate and one runt…so I finally got what I wanted --2 AHA to play with.

First is the AH that is the oldest . She seems strong

Second pic is the week younger AH that was also a weak seedling, she’s growing well now I think.


@mulegal I was wondering when you were going to start it! Good for you and you don’t have to tag me if you want to use the space for another. I check anyway. I wish there was a way to have group tags, like form a group of the regs.

I trimmed Silly today and she really needed it. One thing about Sativas when they start casting off old leaves they do it en masse! Getting closer. I noticed frost today for the first time visible without a magnifying glass. Their budlets are ‘light and airy’ unlike indicas.

Did ya git er done today? I am still at war with fox tails they are over abundant this years.

I just looked at my trim trays keef part and by gawd I collected a nice size pile just from trimming and left over odds n ends I just rubbed with freezing. Time to go say good night to the girls and then I 'll be back!


Thanks @mulegal! They all look great as always.

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Dang gal of mules nice job and healthy for sure!


OK, now on to the Jack Herers.ILGM They both germinated quickly, and strong. One the oldest is the biggest and strongest…here she is

The last one is a day younger and transplanted 3 days later than first…no reason other than I got busy… Anyhow she is not as vibrant as the other Jack and neither of the Jacks seem as Green and healthy as the AH…course it might just be my familiarity to the strain in the immediate past…any how

This one doesn’t look well to me same soil, same water, same sun, any ideas. Her bottom leaves are very pale for a couple of days now.

Very different plants the two strains. I didn’t realize that they might be individuals!:seedling: :seedling:


@highcountrygal, just takes me a bit after haying…it wears me out, but I am back with this new journal. Welcome and of course I am going to continue to tag you in…if I run over ten I’ll just start a new post .

Glad Silly got trimmed up a bit, you want her looking her best for the harvest day :grinning:

Yes got the mowing done. Most of field is doing great, some areas still need work getting the water flow better. That’ll get done a bit at a time during each water turn. Foxtails are so nasty. They sprout around her anywhere it gets dry. And mowing them down, forget it…they just go to seed right at ground level practically. A nightly job checking between toes and in ears with the dogs. Yes and the ticks are back too.

Yes do come on back


out to feed…back at 6:30 or so


Every seed is an individual. Will be around…


Yup all individuals @FloridaSon. Welcome

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I yam back! @mulegal just came in made a cup of Mexican coffee (chocolate, cinnamon and cream and yum! I sometimes put some orange peel. I cannot stand flavored coconut oil for coffee. I use real chocolat` it is tasty. Did you get a chance to read my journal entry today. Boy am I ever on a ‘high’ horse.

I love to write stuff, my math skills suck! To get into nsg school I had to start with basic math before I could take math before algebra. I never could get the hang of IV drip rates. I see you are replying so I’ll send this for now

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Yup I yam back. Coffee here right now too. Coffee and some plain coffee mate…prefer whole milk, but I use what I have on hand.

I did read it, but maybe I’ll go back and re-read hahahahah

Math was never my best either. I too had to take remedial math in order to get into Algebra in college. I passed both, but not easily.


I begged the teacher to pass me, fortunately we hung out with the same people and she did. What did you go to college for? I have a degree in Nursing Sciences, sounds good! I couldn’t focus on any scientific subject, but I excelled in English and the likes.

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I went back to finish my degree because my partner thought it would be good for me. Hahahaha Got my Bachelors but to no end. I just took what credits I needed to get the piece of paper. I already had a job I liked and it paid good and I was happy BC worker bee…

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Hey @highcountrygal did you see the second set of pics of the JH’s?

What you think of the last one?


That’s so much fun to see how different they can be, well you saw the 4 this winter. The leaf that is brown?

Yes the bottom couple are very pale not like the rest


She’s the slow pokey one? She’ll be fine, the new growth is a healthy green