1st Try at Cannacaps

I’m doing oil infused caps for my 1st time. I’ve already decarbed 7.5 grams of 3 different types of real good buds. Cherry Pie, AK47 and Master Kush.

I was thinking 8 ounces of oil to 7.5 grams.
Is this to much or too little oil/flower ratio?
Any guidance?

I’m doing 3 runs with the same 3 strains but changing up the oils. Olive oil, Coconut oil and MCT. I’ll be adding Sunflower lecithin to all mixes.

Thanks for any and all guidance and comments.

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Using 7.5 grams of dry decarbed herb with 8 ounces of oil will give you approximately 4mg per 00 size caps :love_you_gesture:

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Do you use this formula to figure that: weight of weed x 1000 x thc % = MG of total batch???


Omg did I laugh!!


I use this calculator :love_you_gesture: