Can someone verify my edible math

Ok, so I am going to be working on my first edible gummies. I am working on proper dosing, I am not going to purchase a THC tester so for this I am going to estimate 20% THC. Basically I want to see if the math I am using is correct.
Total Volume of Ingredients:
1 cup water (8oz)
1oz unflavored gelatin (1oz)
.5 cup canna oil (4oz)
2 teaspoons lecithin powder
1 teaspoon lemon juice (3 tsp = .5oz)
1 pack flavor gelation (3oz)
Total 16.5 oz = ~488 ml
Gummy mold = 7ml => ~70 gummies total
Canna oil strength
**2 cups oil to 2 oz flower @ 20% => 5,667mg per cup oil => 708.7mg per oz => 4oz per recipe **
2,834.8mg per recipe / 70 gummies => ~40.5mg/gummy


Theres a YouTube channel you should watch its call the Vibe tribe the lady that does this channel shows u step by step on how to gummies and that sort of stuff How to make The BEST Cannabis infused Gummy bears - YouTube watch this video


I can make a gummy bear, the dosing math is the part I want to verify

I use this:


The video would of given u the measurements you were after

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That was interesting video on making gummy bears with the vibe tribe

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She is great she shows u how to make tincher and cannabutter and infused oils nerd rope lollies check out her channel


what @Aussie_autos said. :point_up_2:

I watched the video, I must have missed it. I saw the calculator, but I’m trying to figure out if I understand the math correctly. Basically THC content is weight of the flower * the percent content minus some losses in the decarb process.

The dry oz measurement is not the same as a liquid oz measurement. Dry is weight, liquid is volume.
Basically I came up with 5,600 mg( I Rounded) of thc per cup of oil. There is approximately 2800mg in 1/2 cup of oil. I think your recipe will be closer to 380-400ml. After you mix it up, measure it in liquid oz or ml, then you can do the math for example, if you end up with 400ml of liquid thats 2800Γ·400 = 7mg per ml thats 49mg per 7 ml gummy

Ok this makes sense. I don’t have the density on the powder so 16oz makes sense I think 16oz is the serving size of jello box anyway

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