1st timer using a grow tent

Just bought a 30x60 grow tent and I live in South Texas where it’s really humid. I’m not sure what to buy and set up next. Do I need all the bells and whistles?


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After the tent, the first thing you need is a very good light. If you are going to spend $$ on your grow, there’s where you get the bang for the buck.

You’ll need a ventilation system to help regulate temp/humidity in the tent. When they are babies they like high humidity, but as time goes on high humidity may contribute to bud rot or powdery mildew.

I’d also recommend a pole fan to keep air circulating constantly.

These are the most basic things. There are other things to help improve your craft as you go along, but honestly be sure you enjoy the hobby before you buy every piece.


Good evening @Karen20 ! Welcome aboard! Is 30x60 centimeters? If so, you’re going to have a very hard time with even one plant. Most growers recommend at least a 2’x2’ area per plant. Not to say, that 1’x2’ isn’t workable.

Like @Fiz said, get you a good light. For that size, 150w is more than enough. A small fan, and a small exhaust/filter system.

Also, cannabis friendly soil and nutrients. Fox Farms, Roots Organics, Coast Of Maine, all are good brands and have different varieties, with different nutrient levels already loaded in the soils. Most will last 4-6 weeks, with plain watering.

Others will jump on board with good recommendations. Hope this helps. Good luck and happy growing!


I guess a little bit more info was needed. I am growing hydroponically, i.e. no soil. The tent is 30" x 60" not centimeters, so I have the space. I am in the country so we have varmints that like to eat my plants so that is why I’m using a grow tent, (tired of fighting the little beasties). I already have a really good light source so the only thing I ill need I suppose is a filter and vent system and fan. We have high humidity, whew, but I suppose I will need to watch that due to the mildew, etc. I’m confused about the vent, where exactly do you vent to, to keep down the aroma?


I have my exhaust mounted inside the tent with a charcoal filter, with ductwork coming out the top of the tent, to outside. The charcoal catches enough of the small in my small grow to keep things on the DL. When they are going through their stinkiest stage though - well, our neighborhood has lots of skunks so I’m covered. :wink:

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