New grower

Hi, there i was wondering if i good get some helpful advice, being that this is my first grow.

1). What size tent or portable closet would u recommend?

2). Pass expriences with trying to grow failed terribly, so what kind of air ventaliation sytem that is afforable but not too expensive would u suggest?

3). Also i’m planning on purchasing the Blueberry seeds, skunk, and maybe OG. I read in the “Bible” that BB and skunk are realitivly shorter but are they ideal for a smaller grow space or should i try another seed\s ?

4). Should i have any special type of netting… for about 2 to 3 plants

5). Last question i live in a very humid area and was wondering how can i keep my plants from curling

Thanks for any help love this website BTW

Grow tent size is determined by how may plants; What kind of system, and what type of lighting and ventilation you can afford. I have a 4’ x 4’ tent with a 400 watt digital light system. you can but 6-8" ventilation booster fans; or Vortex fans that are more efficient, but also more expensive.

I love your choice of seeds. I think it is a good idea to grow Indica when 1st starting out. It allows you to learn how to grow; Is not that hard to grow, and will create a yield in the shortest period of time.

No need for netting

I use a de-humidifier to keep mt humidity levels at the optimum range.

It depends on how much room you have and how much you expect to yield. Yield is more about square feet and style of grow than overall number of plants. Sea Of Green is a style that requires a whole lot of plants, maybe as many as one per square foot, so as many as 16 plants in a 4 foot by 4 foot space and maybe even more with really small clone SOGs. You could also grow only one plant in a 4’x4’ and yeild the same overall weight at the end of harvest with a Screen Of Green, in this case you would need netting, but this is kinda an advanced technique and is probably not what you wanna try your first grow.

A 4’x4’ is probably a good size for most people that are just growing for themselves or a very small group of people, and something at least 5 feet tall, to have room for about any type of lighting you might choose. 3 to 4 plants evenly distributed in the floor space and allowed to grow relatively untrained is probably the best for a brand new person as you kinda need to learn and understand how the plant grows, what parts of the plant do what or turn into what and thereby you will know later what can be cut off or what parts can be bent to fill out a net on future grows.

LEDs will be the best for not having to invest a lot in a ventilation system that will be powerful enough to move enough air to keep other hotter lights heat down, but are among the more expensive lights to start with and the hardest to find a good preforming model that won’t break the bank. I can’t recommend any of the more reputable LED name brands as I feel they are highly over priced and not significantly better than equivalent models from lesser known brands that may be as much as 50%-75% cheaper. All I can say is do a lot of diligent research and you should be able to find an affordable model that will suit your needs and with a company that has a good enough reputation to fix or replace if any of the individual LEDs burn out.

In my opinion LEDs are your best option overall. Latewood likes the very affordable 400 watt HID, adjustable digital ballast, system. It’s mostly up to you and what will suit your needs best.

You also need to figure out if you are going to want a nursery and or vegging room/tent/cabinet or you are always going to grow from start to finish in the big grow tent – which would mean longer periods between harvests than if you have plants in a vegging room getting big enough to replace a plant that was just removed from the flowering room.

Humidity is a big concern, a fan circulating air in the tent is needed (a small oscillating desk fan will do) as well as a inline type to actually bring fresh air from outside to inside the room. You don’t necessarily need and inlet fan and an outlet fan, you can run negative pressure in the tent by only having one inline fan pushing/pulling air out of the tent and fresh air would be sucked in through vents and or seems.

All of our seeds are great for indoors or outdoors but the more compact indica dominant strains are a good idea to start off with in tight spaces.

Thanks for the great replies this really helped me figure some things out and yes i was planning on growing from start to finish n the tent. And is any kind of fan ok, should i keep it in the tent itself or on the outside blowing air into the tent. I want to keep you guys posted on how my grow is going maybe even post some pictures. Thanks again for the awesome advice guys.

Latewood if you dont mind me asking what 4x4 tent do u use i checked some online and im not sure with one to choose

Yes, you need a minimum of two fans, one oscillating fan (kinda like your average house fan) inside the tent actually keeping things stirred up inside the tent preventing humid pockets of air from sitting stagnant and creating mold or other problems, and another “inline fan” (a very different type of fan) to actually remove old air from the tent while the pressure loss would naturally suck new fresh air in the tent. I don’t know how many more times or different ways I can say it, as I did pretty much already say this above.

Here’s a picture to give you and idea of everything you will likely need for an indoor grow:

You don’t have to buy the exact same size tent, any decent tent that fits the right size at a good price will do.

You can see in the picture a oscillating fan in the corner of the tent and there are two inline fans in this picture you can’t clearly see, one is attached to the huge carbon filter at the top and the other is inline in the enclosed HID light system. If you go with a smaller HID light, like the 400 watt one Latewood recommends, you might not need an enclosed light system to contain the heat. If you go with LED or fluorescent lights you will also not need the lights in a closed system to remove the heat and one inline fan removing the air at the top of the tent would work. You also don’t need the aquarium like air pump or air hoses going to each plant unless you plan to grow deep water culture style hydro, so otherwise you can use big soil pots or what have you.

Thanks a lot

I will have to look up which tent I bought. However; I searched ebay for 3-4 f\days and bought the cheapeast tent I could find. Despite some growers or(hydro store guys) talking down cheap grow tents. I love mine. It look like the picture here. A couple outlet holes in the top, and 2-3 holes, al capable of holding a 6-8" fan in the bottom to draw cool air. If you have AC to draw from and a good exhaust fan; You do not need the air cooled hood.