1st time training with Camping skewers and garden wire

The title says it all little styrofoam thingies to help the branches grow :potted_plant:

in a different direction. Any input it’s always welcome
Here’s pictures of before and after not in order LOL thank you


[Trdaviz grow]
Two plants, same everything but one looks so much more full with broader leaves.


Very nice :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome to the forum a lot of knowledgeable great people here your plants look awesome :sunglasses:

I bought scrog netting never used it because I like to remove my plants from my tent. That’s why I went this route, I can put my plant :cactus: on my spinning tray and exam it.
I thought about cutting up the scrog and doing the same concept but on each individual plant only.
For me if I have to flush trim like I do a lot I like to take it out and give her a kiss and take a very good examination while playing '80s music this round around lol
Thank you everybody

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Looking good! @Bawstan_boi

Looking good. That’s how I used to do my outdoor grows.

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Can’t believe how much they grew in 3 days. This is why I’m a firm believer of cutting those big leaves that are using the plants energy to stay alive when new leaves will be popping out to take its place. I’m werd :exploding_head: keep the tips Frosty like I’m an 80s band boy


Updated photos this keep on growing woo hoo :man_farmer: I pulled each one out took a visual. Trimming of the leaves and doing what I did was awesome as shown. Now no more leave trimming, for now hahaha :rofl:
I hope in the next year I love growing marijuana has a very Auto flower pack cuz I’m going to be buying seeds I’m running out in a year.


He is one exact week since a good pruning-trimming from Edward scissorhands. As you can see in one full week she took very well in the growth she’s is awesome. Looks like the blueberry has a head start on fullness and stickiness.

I only trim leaves and I think are going to help out in the long run usually the oldest ones. Right now I feel she is just right I did take a few leaves off this round but very few. I always say trial and error and do what suits you. We all want to make the biggest baddest craziest high marijuana we can so don’t give up I overwatered these the first week stunted growth I was busy working LOL.
So if you look at the first picture at the top of this to this one in one week of growth don’t be scared to trim some huge leaves that are taking up too much energy to keep alive there’s new leaves that are going to be popping out that are going to use up just as much energy.
Also I move the blueberry from the right to the middle now I like switching it up here and there. So none of my plants :shamrock: can say I keep on putting baby :baby_bottle: in the corner

One on the left 22 inches of growth in 11 days. The one in the right same strand amnesia Haze one in the middle is blueberry. I think the blueberry is going to be the biggest buds but there’s no guarantee. I still got about 7-8 weeks left. I’m always afraid I give too much nutrients not at once just overall every other day something today was mag cal yesterday water and hydro peroxide. Day before Big Bloom :broccoli: and :tiger: bloom.

I broke my big long plant. I’ve done this before :broken_heart: I had to this crutch my stem. When I pull these out I lifted this to high and I hit the ceiling :face_with_head_bandage: stupid me. Also I can’t believe 10 gallon fabric pot I already going through at the bottom. 8-9 weeks Granted they’re about 16 in across and I’m missing about 2 in of dirt to the top. Last time I broke the middle stem was my first grow and I was probably at least another 4 weeks further than I am now and it was hard to tape and crutch up. That time I used toothpicks this time I used skewers

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