So far, so good

fem critical mass


more critical mass


and some goldleaf. gettin soooo gooey!


They look so pretty! Keep up the amazing work!

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Wow! 3 huge outdoor scrogs. I see ya og. I see ya lol. Mighty fine work. How big are those nets?

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Those are some real beauties!

That looks awesome what is your height on them
I want to see what you pull off of them.

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4ā€™x4ā€™. but the top pic, the plant is overflowing into the next net :slight_smile:


they are all waist deep. and im anticipating atleast 2 lbs. there is a 4th plant not in the pics that not as big as these, but should yield atleast 1/4 lb


Oh yeah you should clear that easy my final dreid weight was 139 grams for each plant in a tent Iā€™m willing to bet you clear 200 grams or better and i bet you have a big harvest on your other ones they look like bushes used to block wind nice thick and full

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Great job, these look superb.

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Those look wonderful. I plan on trying a outdoor scrog next summer but I must research the subject first. Great joj

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Yeah, that looks great! Iā€™m going to try an outdoor scrog next year.

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Awesome man. Great job!!:sunglasses:

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