1st Time Growing and with Auto Flowers

Going on week 3 Just want to see how my plants are doing and if you could give any help. I’m on day 12 and just transplanted to 3 gal pots yesterday I’m using ffof soil and using distilled water no nutes so far when do you recommend I add some? And how well do you think they are? Any info would help thanks in advance.1 is still in solo cup because I haven’t seen the roots come out through bottom of cup.

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Fox farm should not need nutes until after 4 weeks. I just started my 4th week so I will start next week.

Oh yeah welcome to the forum I forgot.

Thanks Skorpion appreciate it so when do I need to water and should I be keeping the top moist with a spray bottle or just let it completely dry out and re water.

Also I’m using a Viparspectra Vp600 600W you think I will be able to get these through harvest with just this light it says actual wattage around 265 I’m in a 48x24x60 temp stays between 72-79 F and 65 Humidity.

Most will say to gauge by the weight of the pot. Some would say stick your finger in about an inch and see if it is still wet (soil stuck to finger or just wet to the touch)
I took a chance tho. I let mine dry out and watched the way the leaves reacted over the course of a few days after watering and felt the weight of the pot. I am a first time grower and wanted to make sure I avoided the common overwatering mistakes that can happen. I also have mine within line of sight for the better part of the day so I could look in on them a lot and see how the leaves were looking. After that I have been able to look at the plants and say “they look like they need water” then when I lifted and stuck my finger in the soil it pretty much confirmed they were needing it. I don’t know if it is a good way to learn/figure out how you should water, but it helped me to keep from overwatering during the seedling stage and to now. I’m not suggesting to use my method but I think, as a first time “plant parent”, noticing the way they perk up or start to droop and dull to bright(not to be confused with “new growth” bright green) is a good indicator on “I should see how heavy/wet the soil is”.

Don’t know anything really about that one but I have
And after finding someone online like yesterday who did a review on the light with actual PAR meters and a Kill-a-watt, it’s even a little less than I want for a flowering footprint. I am going to need to get another one or 2 of the 1000w to assist during flowering. I’m in a 4x2x5 tent BTW.

Thanks for the reply bro and yeah I was thinking of replacing although it’s doing well but I just want to be on the safe side and I was thinking maybe the spider farm sf2000 they say that one would be perfect after researching a whole bunch on the web. And that’s what I’ve been doing so far but sometimes I think I might just be overthinking it with the top of the soil always drying up fast I leave it to dry but I thought I would have to be keeping the top moist? Even thought the pot is still pretty heavy. Should I just let the top dry out and wait for the whole pot to feel light then water.

Well the spider farm lights I think there are a few people floating around that have used them, with good results if I recall from my reading through the forum (maybe search the forum for spider farm and look at peoples grow journals that say they use them?). But yeah if you keep the top of the soil moist all the time, from my understanding, it could promote a good environment for fungus gnats, and depending on how close to the stalk you water/keep moist, stem rot. Please remember I am a new grower and only going by the readings through the forum and a lot of research online. I trust this forum more. Seems very spot on compared to most info I have found elsewhere. But yes let the pot get to feeling light and then water. Look at how different your plants look at the point you want to water and then look at them the day after when the lights are on for a couple hours. You should see, to me it looks like, a happy plant with the fan leaves flat or even slightly up.

Sounds good will be doing a lot of readings on the forums appreciate the help. Best of luck with your grow also.

TY and you with yours! Feel free to look at mine, it’s 2 links because I just moved it over today.

What do you guys think one of them was male so tossed it I have two left and already budding what do you guys think on how they will turn out for harvest?? Any help would be greatly appreciated :pray:t3:

This is my first grow ever, decided to go indoor just based on where i live (too many heavy t storms). 5 plants, 3 Jack Herer at 28 days, 1 bubblegum at 20 days, 1 PG Kush at 28 days. 600W LED.