Moving out of "indoor" "Grow" to the right place. First time grow with ILGM BGL and SD autos

Hope it’s ok to move like this. Otherwise please let me know.

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Day 21

Then… Do you see what I see?

The other one came up root first so had to do emergency surgery… Sure she will be fine and poking out soon enough. Also decided… Why stop there?
4 more photo unknowns popped there shells!

I believe I have become far more addicted to the growing than I have ever been to the smoking. I think that the old propaganda about marijuana addiction must have been misconstrued throughout the years… they actually meant growing marijuana…

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a little less than 24 hours after watering, SD has a couple hairs going on. Camera is too bad to zoom and show. But after removing the wiring used to hold up leaves and starting LST it’s starting to get back its height. Just decided I didn’t wanna stress the poor girl anymore.

The BGL is looking :muscle: and no early signs of flowering. I expect it, well hope, to get another two weeks veg out of them which would be nice.

Baby sister SD is just chugging along.

Then 2 sprouts from the photos planted in soil a week ago.

Starting to make plans, should there be one of the photos awesome enough, to get a DWC system and run clones. Sounds like some pretty good pros to doing that. If anyone has changed over like that I would love to hear your thoughts and get any information possible on what you needed for the switch, equipment/nutes-wise, that they didn’t have from their indoor soil grow. Maybe even some allowed links to equipment/nutes.

All are gaining about a half inch + growth every 24 hours. Lights at 27.5 in and moving up a click or two a day.

Tucking the leaves on the BGL now. Will be trimming off ones other lower fan leaves(2) and another one from the biggest (removed 3 of the first leaves that were at the bottom). First trim done 3 days ago.

Poor little sister SD. I assumed that she would be needing about the same water amount that I gave the others at her age (wetting soil with my .25 litre sprayer until empty). All the plants leaves started pointing tip down and after checking all the pots weights/soil with finger, it confirmed they all needed water. Well… Everyone perked up within 18 hours but her.

Her soil was dry again an inch + down. So I gave her another .5 litre and we’ll see how she looks this evening. If she perks up, I have to guess that the earlier transplant made for a better, or bigger, root system than the others at the same age which would require more water. I hope, but we shall see. If no improvement I will wait another day and check further down the soil, doesn’t feel heavy but I guess I could be wrong and maybe I have over watered.

Change of plans, and note to self, general consensus seems to be a radio of between 2:1 and 3:1 soil to water. Even after almost a gallon, still no runoff on any of the plants. Given the survival thus far with less, I will increase to runoff on next watering. I estimate 3 days. I guess I will see how they take it between now and then.

Yep… Needed water. They were the rare victims of underwatering. Quick bounce back. Love these plants.

And now that they are big enough for my camera to show.

@Psu8286 Yeah, I was actually going to wait so I could show a post prune/trained plant with a couple days after, so as to avoid the sympathetic “aw why’d you mess up your plant”. I started reading more and more about doing this to autos and I am starting to think most are right. It’s older information. Most autos these days are more resilient than even 3-4 years ago due to to their breeding. Then I started looking at youtube video series for people training theirs(even a Bergman’s Gold Leaf Auto) and the more and more I watched their plants life cycles I figured “what could it hurt”. I showed a few to the wifey and convinced her to let me do this (all pictures in the same order as the corresponding plants pictured above)…
SD (Bent over the top after the photo)

BGL(After bend)

BGL(Before Bend)

Baby SD

All of them I took wiring to spread the stems out and expose the nodes on each better. Today they are twice the size they were. Most were so covered in shade the small fan leaves on the stems were, wet feeling I guess? Just not healthy feeling at all. Today they are vibrant green and standing out. Naysayers beware… autos are a weed.

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Just under two days later.


BGL (bent today. Due to shortness and thickness I bent back with fingers and pinched area yesterday to help make softer. So top and lower branches have not turned up yet.)

Baby SD

Quite a lot of growth for, basically, shocking the crap outta them with trimming(wish I took a picture of the pile) and training. I do see the yellow tips on the top 3 layers of fan leaves. I can only assume, as I did see this before the heavy watering, that it was due to my underwatering of the plants. No stem new growth has shown this. The tops have not produced long enough new leaves to check. No Browning and leaves feel normal.

Made some side by sides so I can come back and build my confidence for the next grow when I do this.



Baby SD

@Psu8286 check it out! 4 weeks old today (above ground)

Looking good. Keep up the good work.

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End of the 4 day after initial pruning.

BGL #1

BGL #2

Baby SD

I have brought the time gradually down to a 16/8 due to seeing the plants leaves start to droop around 15.5-16 hours of light. I found several bits more on daily light integral, aside from the talks here, and based off the information I found about my light(YouTube had someone doing a test of one) This provides them with approximately the same DLI as the would get being in AZ on a sunny long day? Not sure if the math is solid but this seems to help stop the behavior during lights on (pics are about 30 minutes before lights out) except with baby SD, I assume it may be due to age and surface area of leaves.
The girls seem to be drawing up more water as I’ve fed them 2 times since pruning, this time with half nutes. Unfortunately, I’ve found the watering to be quite difficult now that they have filled the pots. Solution, I have a drip irrigation system I have put together to water 3 at a time with 3 stakes each. Given the difficulties with watering and the possibility of plant root exposure, I wouldn’t mind losing my job to an automated watering system that I only need to refill 3-4 times each watering day.
RH has been between 50-54. 16 hrs of light. Gentle constant air flow. Temps 72-76. Hoping for no surprises :crossed_fingers:

4 Weeks and 5 days old



Baby SD

The 2 BGL’s I have just continued with training them as flat as possible. BGL#1 has the most level of canopies and has had all the lower nodes removed that I could reach (maybe 3 spots that I cannot reach). BGL#2 seems to have a 2 level canopy going on. Most likely due to the area of bend and leaving the lower exposed nodes that are growing on the stems which has possibly caused a decrease in tip growth. Also possible that the light intensity is keeping them short. BGL#2 has not been pruned or had the initial LSTing in the same fashion as BGL#1. BGL#1 I did not anchor the root and bent at an earlier age which caused the stem to grow out at an angle. Should be interesting if I can keep the two-level canopy from interrupting each other and the level canopy on the other just to compare at the end.

Baby SD is still recovering from the shock of having water poured all over and possible over-watering(bad idea to test the watering can on the smallest plant furthest in), poor little girl I’m not doing anything but the bend and leaf tucking. Looking better than the previous 2 days since it occurred. No permanent damage noted.

Doh! Clip fan fell on the big SD and snapped the top 2 nodes. Didn’t break all the way through had no time to do anything before lights out and having to leave. Was only able to quick bandage with tape and support with pipe cleaners. No time to even really take a pic. Broke and hanging, leaves were still perky, but there was for sure air on it for a bit as it did look very brown and sticky for the fluid coming out of the break. Would have been nice to catch it a few hours ago when I woke up but the wifey wants to sleep in on the weekend and the tents in our room. Going to be an interesting few days for the little girl but I guess if all else fails she still has pretty good potential it looks like and the break is high enough above a node to be a topping area. I was wanting to try topping, maybe this was MJs way of doing something I was nervous to do. Should make for an interesting side saga to my journal.

Poor SD lost her top. Decided to trim it up and throw it in a cup of water. Who knows. The rest of the plant looks great though. Still can’t post pictures.

There looking great bro mine are already budding​:maple_leaf: and what node did it top at these plants are resilient I’m pretty sure it will bounce back I’ve been looking into videos in forums I’d say next grow try mainlining look it up it’s pretty interesting your welcome in advance :sunglasses:

It broke between the 7th and 8th node. So it left me with 14 stems that have gotten pretty level. I moved them around to get up a scrog. They have already been pushing through that and some are getting bent over but each of the stems has a, I guess you could call it, secondary top from it’s first node that are right below the net.
Big SD


Baby SD


The photos are bent because I put them at an angle to try and shorten them a bit. I was expecting their uppots to have been here 4 days ago.

Much needed uppotting.

The photo in the middle has gotten a “variegation”. If you look at the leaf pointing to 11 o’clock it has a short middle finger on the fan leaf while the leaves above it are the split yellow/green. I would love to see it be a female and have that be the whole plant but it’s rare to affect more than a couple leaves. The one on the right has a stem that is fused to the stalk growing almost 3/4 in up from the node. The one on the left has a set of leaves and a stem growing out below the cotyledons. The littlest one I didn’t bother with a pic, it has some strange “one-leaf” syndrome going on and is only about 2 inches tall, there is only one spot I even see A root through the cup yet they were all popped the same day.
So all mutants in one way or another. But they are all regular seeds so may be all male. I have my second tent arriving the 9th or 10th and my second light just got here like 10 minutes ago(600 watt only draws 110 watts from the wall which is a little less than half the draw of my ra2000watt which draws 228 watts out of the wall). It will be nice for them to have the additional light for a few days as I do see the BGL it is too dense and tall for it to reflect off the side the wall with my light at 26 inches. Hopefully the next 5 days growth will prove enough to get it’s stems weaving through the scrog. It also slowed down from being the biggest one to now the smallest of the 3 originals.
I have been doing a lot of research into the mainlining. I am going to burn through my auto seeds after this harvest, a vacation, and the photos harvest. I’ll be using the second tent for a mother of a good photo (should I have one) and then run the clone(s) through the main tent.
I made an ebb and flow for a single plant out of a couple rubber made containers for files that are almost 4 gallons in size. The lower one will hold 3.5 gal solution and the top will fill(tested with pot/perlite but no plant so roots will affect it in the end) with 2 gal in about 10-12 minutes time, empty time is about 15 minutes. I want to try out on my next grow. I was going to try mainlining(in FF soil) in the same grow as my ebb and flow(with FF nutes) with two clones. Very curious on the end results with the same plant and 2 different grow methods with two different training methods. I want to mainline with the stick running down the 2 tops making it look like 2 Hanukkah menorahs. I figure it’d be a good way to keep the tent half and half. Then I’ll be topping and scrog the ebb and flow (hope they both get to the points they need to be before I HAVE to flip).
I figure that, if I run this way, I’ll get about 4 maybe 5 harvests before next year when my son goes into the military and I move the kiddos around to take over the smallest room as a grow room. It’s a 10 x 11 room that I should be able to convert over to a full grow room within about 4-6 months of starting. Pretty sure I’ll switch over to doing hydro due to the lower amount of guesswork involved, less daily maintenance some methods offer, and not needing to acquire/dispose of soil .