1st Time Grower (with 1st Grower experience)

This forum is so amazing! Thank you for helping me along so far…I browse through post and snoop around. I have gotten my plants thus far from following some really knowledgeable and helpful cultivators and they probably don’t even know it…BIG SHOUT OUT to: @lostgirl @sirbuddy @GI1tch @poguemahone @jimster @dforce and soo many others…I find related topics as to what I’m looking for and I follow along.

If anyone is interested in helping me and looking at some of my numbers and pictures, I greatly appreciate constructive criticism and I also like positive comments :slight_smile:

Pre feed + nutrients:

ph 6.45

ec 068 (787 EC With nutrients)

ppm 26.7


VIVOSUN S Gro S336 32x32X63

VIVOSUN Aerowave 6” Fan

VIVOSUN ph & ec testers

2 Bloomspect S1000 5. VIVOSUN VIVOSUN 5 gal grow bags

Foxfarm Ocean Forest

Foxfarm nutrients step feed (big bloom, big, grow, buds and blooms)


Bloomspect - 12 inches off the top of the plant (picture attached). 48-55 on dail? When do I raise the height and brightness?

I cannot find the Bloom spec S100 manual online to follow the lighting


Mixing two 2 gal faucet water and following Foxfarm 3 step.

Right now I am feeding them four 18oz solo cups each every 3 days…is this correct?

ps…is there any merch?

PSs. Make this an app?!

Thank you everyone!


Hey Freddy! Looking fantastic. Id like to comment on your watering question however, out of respect of this Forum and the Masters you’ve tagged, I wont because Im too new. All, thqt went on in my mind waw hearing someone say, its kind of hard to water on a schedule. When theyre dry, address the situation. Just stop stressing. The reason I say that is that I was and it was needless. However, we all need to go through whatever we need too.
What I will comment on is this: You are doing fantastic! They wont die. These people here are the absolute BEST! They do and will have your back…
Cheers and keep on learning!


I forgot to awk. Were you born in September by chance? Reason I ask is because no other sign in the zodiak has ALL matching grow equipment.
Personally, it looks great and I love it!

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Hahahahahahahahaha no December…I just got the Vicodin Spell itc comment two days ago?

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Thank you!
How’s everything by you?

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They look awesome to me!! I’m still learning myself. A lot of knowledgeable growers on here that can help you with questions for sure. I only check numbers on the water going in lol! I know I should be checking runoff but I really didn’t know about that until I joined the awesome forum. Welcome to the grow family!!! Can’t wait to see your grow progress keep us updated. Happy growing


Welcome to the forum @FreddykroLINY

Girls are looking fine
Don’t forget to tag @Bentstick


The only difference between a Capricorn and a Virgo is that Capricorns come off more militant. I was close. You are an Earth sign. Good farmer!

It cracks me up that Vivo Sun is autocorrected to Vicodin. Ive seen it before and had to mention it…


Everything is good so far. The only reason that Im doing this growing is because of whats happening in the USA. I need to add Marijuana Cultivator to my Resume. That is when I become one, lol.
Btw, @Bentstick is a great resource on here. The virtual playground. Im still looking for the sandbox…

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Welcome along @FreddykroLINY you landed in a pile of knowledge, if I may suggest you read and read until you find a grow similar to yours and check out the past posts from them its help tons!
:+1: :beers:


Pistils is changed to pistols, I have noted. I thought everyone was ignorant, now I no it is Spellczek


Or a pile of :poop:


Thats on off plant days.


Welcome aboard Freddy. Your girls are looking great. What strain are they, are they photos? Your numbers look pretty good so far. You might raise your lights an inch or two to spread the light a little. You can turn up the dial a little and wait a couple days to see how the plants react. Those lights will get you started, but if you decide to keep growing your own, you will probably want to upgrade soon.
There are a lot of different methods to calibrate feeding. I prefer to use the runoff to decide when and how much to feed. Looks like your doing well so far, keep up the good work.


I’m not going to lie…I was on a mission… I stalked your post, lil bit…lmao…I read a lot of your post, very good, well to me at least …lol. YES! Thank you for the bro light knowledge that’s what I’m really concerned about, will the automatically go into budding?
May I ask…I heard a few times about trimming the bottom, is that something I need to learn?!?
My love to grow started as my curiosity to see what the plant actually, looks like as a plant.
I recently had Lemon Yellow Snow gmo, it was covered in beautiful white crystals. My daughter found me the LYS seeds, next grow! (Also thinking of trying all hydro!!! Looks fun. I am growing photo, I found the seeds from my zip!

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Looking great Growmie, only thing I would recommend is getting some catch pans/saucers under those pots and put the short ones on some booster seats and you’ll be able to set your lights at equal heights :love_you_gesture:


Photoperiod plants require less than 14 hours of light to flower. Some less. Generally we just flip our lights 12 hr on and 12 hr off to trigger flower. Then it will take another week or two for the plant to actually begin flowering. In the first few weeks of flower each plant will double or maybe even triple in size. With the four you have now you won’t have much free space in your tent. Have you done any looking into training methods? After the previously mentioned stretch in early flow I like to cut off a lot of the lower branches that won’t get good light and air. I feel it makes room for what is left to be the best it can be and my yields improved too. I would also suggest selectively removing a few fan leaves here and there throughout their life to improve airflow and light penetration. It’s a balance between leaving the plant enough leaves to conduct photosynthesis to make energy and getting fresh air and light to as much of the plant as possible. On that note, I don’t see a circulation fan in the tent. Do you have one to stir the air in the tent. Your plants can’t move very much to get to fresh air so you want to help them out a little. Sorry about the rant, I think I’m done now.


I bought 3 used (like new) Bloomspect S1000. I know there’s like is discontinued. but I think it was the best light for the price from what I had at the time. I will eventually upgrade to lights I can use with my smart grow system.

Any recommendations that work with the vivuson SmartGro?

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Hello! Happy Sunday
I read a lot of your post you seem to have it down now? I was hanging in the background, I had no equipment while the girls were just growing. I did my research and put together a budget grow system. If I make it to the next grow I would like to try grow all hydro no soil.

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