1st Time Grower (with 1st Grower experience)

Clearly…you are hooked! Enjoy the obsession.

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Both the spiderfarmer SE series and Mars hydro FC series are compatible with the vivosun system. These are both made with quality components and are great options. I would go with the Mars FC4800evo or the Spiderfarmer SE5000 for your tent. you will want the extra light if you do hydro. Sadly it appears The smartgro system is fairly limited compared to the controller 69 and will not work with ACI or HLG lights. Might I recommend you grow a few rounds before switching to hydro. It will make the transition much smoother and spred out the cost if you have some base experience and equipment first. Coco is also a good way to transition. It mostly will act like a hydro grow but you can build it over time and most of the gear will transfer over. That’s just my opinion though.

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Welcome @FreddykroLINY @Gl1tch has lots of good advice. You definitely don’t want to do everyones thing at once as it will not work. Find what you like and work with it. I also agree the good lights are necessary.


Using Fox farm nutrients just feeding them a little water that you’re feeding them you’re building up salt content in your root zone.

Your girls are totally old enough to handle feeding them to run off. This is where you elevate the plant if they catch tray underneath a crate or something and water them until 15% of the water runs out into the catch tray.

At that point you can measure the water that you caught and that will tell a lot more about what’s going on with your grow.

Also create an out with the old in with the new nutrients to keep that salt down in your soil and roots.

You should always keep a record it looks like you are of how much you feed the ppms the pH of your feed etc do the exact same thing with the runoff numbers. This is crucial in any grow and you’re well overdue to start doing it.

I don’t know what sign your pots are but they look big I grow in 3 gallon pot. I mix up a gallon and a half of nutrients for it through the plant slowly and it gives me 20% runoff.

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