Calling all new growers! this means you!

Salutations all new cultivators of cannabis!
I wanted to make a quick post and address something that I see all the time here on the ILGM forum.
What I see, is that new growers will frequently read a couple of posts on the internet, order some seeds online, hit the hardware store or Walmart, put a seed in some Miracle Grow soil, water with non ph’d water (until overwater) and then start hitting ILGM with posts like “What is this?”, “What’s wrong with my plant?”, and most often “HELP!!!”.
Here is my advice to ALL OF YOU that are either just starting or considering beginning your quest to perfect the art of cannabis cultivation.
Pick a grower on here that you like. Maybe you like their style, maybe you like their sexy profile picture, whatever… As long as you see in their posts that they grow BOMB ASS WEED… And then do EXACTLY what they do… From the BEGINNING. If they are using fabric bags? Get rid of your pots and use fabric bags. If they are using coco and Jack’s 321? Do that. Don’t be afraid to COMPLETELY SCRUB your current (and likely incorrect) methods and adopt something entirely new. Instead of “oh, I should use something besides Miracle Grow soil, perhaps I will try this instead”, pick you a mentor and do what they do… Top to bottom. You WILL eventually change your current grow method in its entirety anyway, better to do it all at once than one painful piece at a time while posting on ILGM like your hair is on fire.
I don’t think any of these fine growers will mind if I tag them in this post.
These are some of the people you should be WATCHING and EMULATING… Not endlessly shooting “help me” messages to when you don’t follow their lead.
@Newt @Graysin @pr @Fieldofdreams @Docnraq @Borderryan22 @Nicky @Myfriendis410
And there are many many many more.
I also advise that whoever you happen to emulate, stick with that person when asking questions. The water can get VERY cloudy when asking multiple sources for direction.
START your grow with the informed tutelage of one of the fine members of ILGM and go renegade AFTER you have completed a successful grow and have seen what works.
And I guarantee the “OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD” posts will decrease significantly.
I wish that’s what I would have done. :grinning:
Have a wonderful day, growmies and future growmies.
Go get 'em.



Well put @ShockDog well put.


And for the love of god. Get at least one quality, successful (and verifiable) grow under your belt before you start attempting to direct people in theirs? Just a thought.


Here’s another verifiably great cultivator. Mr. @GreggT!
Thank you, Gregg!


Thanks for the compliment. I wish my room was ready!! :rage: :rage:


Lol. I love the setup process. I used to be a construction worker and craftsman and the actual building out of the grow space really tickles me.


It will be up and running soon. I have worked in the construction field for 40+ years, mostly selling the supplies. I am an electrician as well. Comes in handy!!


@merlin44 @Joshmcginnis28 @MattyBear @Covertgrower @PurpNGold74 @AfgVet @Caligurl @Not2SureYet are a few more mad growers.

I have mentored a couple of folks here over the years and if you ask, we can set up a P.M. thread for student and mentor to discuss things off-line.

I have said this as well as it’s a good way to do a by the numbers grow and learn what the challenges are. Once you’ve grown a few out it becomes much easier; more ‘Zen’ if you will.


Thanks for the extended list of professionals, @Myfriendis410!
This is a really great resource for people as long as it is used correctly!


I am always happy to mentor a grower :slight_smile:
Im even more happy when they read over my journals and ask for clarity on one point or another. I think alot of people start thinking growing is like following a makeup instructional video, this is how you do it, and how he will do it and how she will do it and so on. A “one size fits all” ideology doesnt apply to cannabis. There are a vast number of styles and paths to the outcome of harvest.

I have only one suggestion for those starting their cultivation adventure. Dont try and grow 3k dollar a lb weed with a 60 dollar budget. The light for a SINGLE PLANT is gonna run you 150.00 MINIMUM alone and thats not for a super good one thats for the base model. Its gonna cost you 1000-2000 bucks to get a setup to produce more then a couple oz’s every few months.


Good advice @ShockDog, this advice has been thrown around before but new folks are just very eager to get going. I was certainly guilty of jumping in with no actual knowledge when I started. It only took me a month or so to get my act together and start absorbing quality information to improve my grow and my setup.

@Myfriendis410, thank you for including me in your list. You certainly have tagged some of the very best on this forum.


Which is exactly why I said “I wish that’s what I would have done”. :laughing:
Thanks for contributing, Mr. @merlin44. Respect.



Absolutely. We are all guilty of having bad practices. I read a lot here before joining. I did my best to get it right but there’s no way to replace experience.

I, too, am happy to mentor anyone - especially fans of the “cheap and lazy” grow method.

I would be remiss to not also mention @pr @dbrn32 @Underthestairs @Bulldognuts @HappyHydroGrower as folks who are excellent growers, and mentors. Every single one mentioned by me, and many of those mentioned above, have helped me personally along my path - I wouldn’t be here still growing without Underthestairs and Happyhydrogrower.

As an aside, anyone who wants a good read for setups and parts rundowns, @MAXHeadRoom is the person to find his old journals - he’s no longer here but I learned a lot from reading the knowledge he left behind.


Thanks, Graysin! :grinning:


You all are awesome! I think most of you have chimed in on my thread with great info. Just ordered the ILGM auto mix pack. I Had blueberry and northern lights back in the day and the wife has yet to try those flavors so super excited.
Keep on keeping on! Blessed be ~ cheers.


Nice post @ShockDog :call_me_hand:t3:


Hell yeah, dude. I’m gonna check out your thread right now.


Thanks, homie. Appreciate ya. :fist_left:


:sunglasses: facts


Lol. My man. Thanks, Sammys. :sunglasses: