1st Time grower white or purple rhino bag seed Grow!

I came across some bag seed and decided to try my luck. At this very moment they are turning out pretty good! I’m having an issue where i think the plant is gonna auto top itself. Should i let it grow out a few days or top it now? According to the picture it would have been the fifth node. Compared to the plant on the bottom right its the closest competitor. If anybody has any insight it will be much appreciated! :sunglasses:

Grow Environment Specs:

Soil: Fox Farm Ocean Forest
Nutes: FF Big Bloom and Grow Big
Feed info: 2 tablespoons big bloom and 2 teaspoons of grow big
Grow Tent : 32x32x62
Grow light: 300w Led from amazon
Air Flow : 4inch inline fan with carbon filter and honeywell oscillating tower fan
Humidity Control :1.5 gallon humidifier
Temperature Average: 75 degrees; 55% humidity
Currently on a 18/6 light cycle
4 weeks in veg and/or total time
Reg water ph’d at 6.5
Nutes ph’d at 6.8


I would be careful giving nutes right now


ive read big bloom really wasnt an issue because it was all natural. i understand the fertilizer at that stage. when do you usually introduce nutes?

Thanks, thats exactly what i am following now!

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I hit the damn button before I wrote what I wanted to say about the ff schedule I always started as the schedule says. Week 1 seedling or clones the schedule is at half dose already so no reduction is necessary unless you notice extra dark leaves. Notice it’s once a week not every watering I stayed at every other watering except in flower when it says to stop grow big I had to feed every watering for 2-4 times each grow was a little different actually every plant is… good luck

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I say because the soil you are in is hot (loaded with nutes). I would water till runoff and check the ppm

@DieselLoud I was trying to see what you were asking about where it’s trying to top itself and with the blurple light I just can’t make it out. If you can try again in natural light I’ll look again and see if I can help

Where i circled at would normally be a new node but one side just stopped growing and never popped up. its the droopy new growth to the right of the circle. secondary leaves started growing on the lower node also underneath.

It’s a MUTANT run lol… na for real it looks to be a mutant which is more common than you think. I have one going now that just refuses to grow up without ever topping it.

I would let it grow to see what it is gonna do and train it as you go. It looks like the node under the one you put the arrow is only coming out on one side as well. Kinda seems like they’re all on one side. Is your light on that side? That would make only one side grow if it’s only getting good light on that side. If it is growing on the one side you can try to pull the plant over towards the opposite side making the side that is growing the top of your plant. Those branches will turn up and each one will be it’s own top let em get 5 or 6 nodes on each then top each one of them or if you end up with 3 or 4 branches you can just let em grow like that. Did any of that make sense I hope so I was starting to get confused lol


i gotcha makes perfect sense ill change them around

Light?? If so turn it around in the middle of the day or just let the one side grow it won’t hurt. You probably won’t have enough light to flower it though

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Topped all plants and switched them to a 12/12.
I did raise my light up because heat stress was becoming evident.

Gonna start them on Week 5 Feeding once the soil dries up a bit more. How do they look in your opinion? Even tho one tall skinny looks young shes growing just as much as the others.

I think they’re lookin good but imo it’s way to soon to switch to flower they’re just now starting to veg. I would let em get about 3 times that size unless you have one of the short tents. Here’s mine right before switching they are probably 2 feet tall


Yea my tent is short, i would have kept it longer in veg but my space is limited

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If you notice I mentioned that at the end lol that’s because my dumbass didn’t think about your space I was thinking of mine until after I already wrote it and I was to lazy to erase it and start over :rofl::evergreen_tree::sunglasses: have fun and good luck


I’m tune to watching, love watching plants grow

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its all good. your plants look awesome!

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Started 5 week feeding

Food was Phd at 6.2

Runoff is around 5.6 other two plants around 5.1

Little to no deficiencies . Should i be worried?

What type of soil? And how often are you feeding and what nutrients are you going with