2nd try at this

Tried 2 ww auto bag seeds was ok for 1st time ,got Ilgm sky og and bd together 2 mo.in using ff happy frog and ocean f. Vegging ,

Thinking of using 1/4 medi one nutes once a week, are these good bloom nutes or stay with fox farm bloom nutes? I have both. Just switched to flower specs for both say 9-10 weeks for flowering do I add 2 more weeks also for transition? This is my first photo grow got a lot of help on my auto first grow thanks to all


Nice looking ladies! I’m also new to this, but I’m doing an outside grow. I’m sure the experienced people here will keep you in good stead. :+1:t2:

Those are some fine looking, bushy ladies! You have the canopy well trained. I’m using FF trio, organic perlite, and FF Ocean Forest soil for my very young clones, and they seem to be doing well so far. My first soil grow solo, so we’ll see. Your setup is looking quite well.

I’ve used FF in the past and had no issues. As far as adding time, when it’s done, it’s done. I would wait an extra week to harvest, rather than a week early. The color of the stigma and trichomes can be a good indicator as well. Orange stigmas are a good indicator. A nice opaque color is good on the trichomes, with too much white color being premature, and too much amber color being too late. Wait too long, and you end up with CBN from degraded THC.


2 mo of ocean f and happy frog soil and using ph city water. still got the ladies bent over, should I release them from LST? Hope I got enough head space, 3 outta 5 sky og and 2 outta 3 blue dream germinated, Ilgm sent me 10 more free of my choice, Ilgm rocks great genetics!

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Can you put up a picture in natural light or flash? The blurple is hard to see through lol.

Looking good so far. Any LST you give, unless the plant has hardened off, ought to take in a few days. Pretty looking group of ladies.

How big is that tent??? U look almost out of room! Lovely bushy girls. But beware of the flower stretch

4x4x80” my tallest is sky og she’s 22” right now I can go another 28” before I hit the light😳

here is overhead shot with flash

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Looks like a pistil party guessing uve flipped to 12/12 in the last week? If so smart move

Took one outside in natural light I flipped yesterday it’s a freaking jungle in there