1st time grow, seeking advice…

1st grow, new equipment etc… Here’s what I have going on thus far:
Tent- 5x5
Light- Bloom Plus bp3000
4” fan w/ carbon filter

Tent etc has been together for about a day, I put 3 seeds (2 sprouted and 1 not) into the cups which are filled with happy frog soil. Seeds (white widow photo) were soaked in water for 2 days and then into the cups this morning. I put a tablespoon of water over each one and covered with little domes (water bottle bottoms). Light is turned down as low as it goes, and is 2’ high…

So I have a few questions and would appreciate some advice :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. How much water should I be using at this point? In looking at different forums etc I’ve seen anywhere from 5ml to saturating the cup and letting it run off. Pretty wide range there haha…
  2. How about the light settings? I did download a free lux meter, I’m in the process of learning that but some advice on what numbers to shoot for would be great! Also, I do have some equipment on order (ph meters for liquid & soil, ppm meter)

My ultimate goal is to transplant 2 of these outside, and keep the third inside. Assuming they all make it of course…


keep your soil moist but not wet or soggy…put your finger in it and if only a few pieces of soil stick you are good…I would not worry about an exact amount to give them

here is a chart to use with you light meter…right now DLI of 12

Hope this helps…keep in touch


Thanks I appreciate the sage advice :+1:t3: I’m excited to get started, I’ve been wanting to try this for a long time and finally doing it. Hoping for the best…


Happy Frog soil can be too hot for sprouting seedlings…consider using those peat pods if you want to go right to soil from soak instead

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good to know ty :+1:t3: If this batch doesn’t take off at least I have a fall back plan now hehe

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Hi there. welcome to the neighborhood :grinning:
Sounds like your off to a good start. Nice size tent. what size are your pots to transfer?

Hello and thanks for the welcome… Right now I have an assortment of 2g and 5g smart (fabric) pots. And the usual random plastic ones you would get when buying flowers/shrubs etc from a nursery… Any recommendations for the next size beyond the solo cups? The outdoor ones will be potted rather than going into the ground…

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I am trying to get somewhere…lol

I’d use 5 gallon indoors and 10-20 gallon outdoors. Outdoors your growing with the season so October harvest gives your plant a ton of time to grow where indoors you get to choose size.

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Thanks for the info I appreciate it :+1:t3: I do believe I saw some bigger sized (10g +) smart pots locally on fb marketplace, will have to follow up there…

Going to give you some advice from new grower to new grower relax and have fun with it you are going to make mistakes that is the fun in learning and when you do just post back here with pictures and ask for help an amazing group of people on here willing to help


yes for sure, the point is to have some fun with this and enjoy the fruits of my labor :slight_smile: I’ve been browsing the forums for a bit and decided to sign up to further my learning and hopefully share some successes…


Good luck to you i am currently in week 11 on white widow auto and its been a ride so far.


Looks good, nice growing brother :call_me_hand:

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Here is all 3 of them


Awesome brother. Growing outside?

Naw i just took them out of the tent today for some fresh air snice it is nice and sunny. Oh also 100 % legal in the state of VA

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Oh man, what a hunk of a cola on that lady.

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Watch for pests when u bring her in

Thank you