1st time grow help

This is my first grow
I am using apple fritter autos
After sprout how many days in should I start feeding nutrients, I am using ilgm’s nutrients.
And how high off top of plants should I keep the grow light

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The answers you seek will be determined by the answers provided for the “Support Ticket” (below).
This will allow assistance with many questions, all at once.
Timely and much easier for all.

“NO” Nutes for a month, for now is my best answer.

Answering the support ticket will speed your knowledge journey, too.

What soil are you using a lot of them come loaded with nutrients already. Fox farms happy frog will feed your plant for 4-5 weeks Fox farms ocean forest will feed your plant for 5-6 weeks.

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1-indoor grow tent vivosun 4x2
2-ILGM apple fritter auto
3- auto flower
4- well water ph was high, brought it down to 6.05 with fox farm ph down
5- havent mixed any solution yet
6- soil, 4 parts pro mix hp to 1 part perlite
7-I have ILGM nutrients
8 - aero light aw200, 200 watt led
9- temps, day 77-79, night 71-73
10- humidity day 65-75, night 50ish
11- humidifier when needed
12- aerozesh t4 4"
13- no co2
14- first grow
15- ?
16- no hydro yet
17- 200 watts
18- 3x3 coverage
aero light

why do they give me seedling stage nutrients if i’m supposed to wait a month

thankyou for your patience


I am using pro mix hp mixed 4 parts pro mix to 1 part perlite


@Shaggy2431 ph for Promix will run from 5.8 to 6.2. I vary my feedings a bit in that range. I also check runoff ph and ppms every month to make sure they are eating properly. Promix has no nutes, so you can start feeding when your girls get their first true leaves. I would start them out at around 100 to 150 ppm at first and work up as they grow and need more. I start my Promix feeds with bloom nutes the first two weeks, the higher P and K help with root development, then switch to high N grow formula. (I use Lotus nutes most grows, but use Jacks occasionally too). They stay on that until second week of flower, then switch to full bloom nutes.

Not everybody has the same soil?
Commercial growers?

Can you measure LUX?
HLG.COM has conversion routines if you have you light specs or UT383-BT.
Some use phones, but mine never read correctly.
DLI For growing

Temp makes big difference.
Lighting does too.