1st time 6 auto in las vegas nv desert extreme

So here i go finally started my first grow after been holding seeds for like 3 years to get ready, and guess what.? I am not more ready than when i first bought the seeds.

A few days ago I found the seeds again and I put 3x white widow and 3x easy riders both auto inside a glass with water for 24 hours, then i sent them into 6 “made up” pots see pics below covered them in cotton fabric to hold humidity and got me some soil from a local hydroponic and Ph kit filled it up and boom i had planted my first 6 plants.

Of course i had to comeback here to share and get help with the process later on, so far i haven’t put lights or tent or nothing just outside during the day and inside at night close to a window i am planning to plant them outside in a greenhouse, i look it up, will cost me around $115 and is huge, lots of natural light i will buy it after i transplant them to their final pot i am planning do 5Gal pots.

water for 24h

put in soil

all easy riders finally started showing up and 1 W. Widow

all plants are doing good except 1 W.Widow i thought wasn’t gonna make it but it did with some help and care XD

i took the first few pics of the plants “I know took me too long lol”

i feel like the plants are growing at a good speed but are getting kinda light color the green is not as vibrant as before maybe is just me but it feels like it hopefully they wont get sick



@WickedCuban Check this out :sunglasses::facepunch:

Autoflower Cannabis – How To Grow And Grow Guide

Read full article here…:arrow_left:

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thanks i will check it out i also created this post in grow journal since made more sense than here

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whats your journal link ? Ill post it there so you can use it as a ref

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actually i am reading it now too the article is very good so far thanks again

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