First Grow- White Widow Auto Outdoors

This is my first time growing marijuana. I’ve been gardening for years. This is white widow autoflower growing outside in a 5 gallon felt bucket. It gets full sun most of the day.

I read about the nugbuckets mainlining technique. That’s what I’m attempting. This plant has grown slow, started from seed about 9 weeks ago. But, I’ve been cutting on it. Also, it’s outdoors and I’ve read it should be ready to harvest in late October. I can’t control the plants growth with lighting like an indoor grow. I get the feeling the plants gonna grow at its own pace. Maybe this will just be a small plant.

Does the plant look healthy? Any advice? From here, do I just let it grow?

Thanks for advice.


Looks good. Early training.


What should I do with the small shoots circled in red? There are two in each red circle. Should I cut them off, or leave them?

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Growing nicely…

Growing well… I think… My first grow…

I bet she’s grown 8"+ in 3 days.

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Is it starting to flower yet, or still in the vegetative phase? Any help is appreciated.

Quite a bigger. Starting to flower.

I trimmed up many of the small branches on the bottom, and large inner fan leaves. Although I followed nug buckets mainline technique, the 8 branches aren’t equal size, 3 are stunted for some reason.

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