1st grow - fixed a couple issues now asking again about flipping

Hi all, pics below

Last time I asked, @highwayman420 and others had some awesome suggestions for things to check and fix, so I’m back about two weeks later. In my effort to make sure the air/water/and light were nicely balanced and the plants were filled out after a haircut before flipping, I managed to give the GG nute burn and MK too much light. I think I have it all back under control now, but am afraid I’m going to run out room for the MK if I don’t flip soon. I don’t know if I should plan on another net though - maybe that will help?. This is the first time, so I’m oddly tense to flip them after becoming somewhat familiar with their veg… what do you all think the best way to plan for the flower stage is at this point and what kind of timing?

The MK drinks about 2 gallons every other day and the other 2 are about 1.5. The Blue Dream seems to drink less.

Thanks in advance for your patience and wisdom!

  1. Indoor - 2x4x8 in a 5x5.5x8.5 closet
  2. Origin of water: Tap comes in at ~7.4 and I bring it down to ~6.3-6.5
  3. Origin of seeds: ILGM
  4. Feminized: MK Ultra (largest/left) Seed in water 12/25, 1 Blue Dream (middle) Seed in water 1/1, 1 Gorilla Glue (right) Seed in water 12/25.
  5. -Age of plant. ~12 weeks, in veg - Blue Dream One week behind.
  6. Method: Soil - FF Ocean Forrest
  7. Vessels: 5 gal Smart Pots. The MK is on the ground but the other two are raised up 6-8"but still short 4-6". The tallest plant is about 31"
  8. PH and TDS/EC of source water: 7.4ph - not sure
  9. PH and TDS/EC of if mixed solution. Run off was bet. 5.6-5.8 in all pots yesterday.
  10. Provided lighting: Kind x420 on 50% - 450-600ppfd across the canopy, can jump higher. Light is hanging crooked.
  11. Temperature; 78-88
  12. Humidity; 65-73
  13. Ventilation system; 4" vent pulling from below the closet door, 4" exhaust fan blows above the tent. There’s negative pressure.
  14. Humidifier and Dehumidifier in the closet. Trying to work together to keep it stable.
  15. No


Flip soon as you feel you are at max headroom. Can now in my opinion. Get that indica up on a stool so she can hang with the tall girls. Gonna blow up. Be ready.


Your plants look beautiful! I have the same group in my tent right now from ilgm, i cut the gorilla glue last tuesday

Yours look much bigger. (My 1st grow. )


As @Storm mentioned your definitely good to flip now and I also secondly recommend raising your smaller plants up to reach the same height as the tops of the taller plants then lvl out your light you want a level even canopy as best as possible


I’d say like storm and prop the shorter one on a milk crate and flip it. U can take and super crop some of the plant on the left side to keep it a bit shorter. Just loosen the stalk in the area and give the branch a bend over and leave it be. If u think it will.spring back up use a string and tie it down spot stays down and don’t stand back up on ya. Looking nice tho. Good flavors. As gorilla glue is one of my favs. Has such a wonderful smell and taste both to it.


Thanks all! @mark0247, You have more chops than me, super cropping scares the ‘soup’ out of me, I might have to wait for my second try for that :slight_smile: Would topping them again and weaving through another net accomplish similar without creating other issues or better to skip that?

Once they’re the same height, should I focus on anything special from there? I’m planning to basically flush them again and start the flowering nute schedule, change the lights to 12/12, and follow the vapor pressure deficit, PPFD, and TDS charts for flowering? Then wait for amber!

@TT your plants look great, I hope I get some fat nugs like those too.


Like @Mark0427 said, I’d definitely do some defoliation on the plant on the left before flipping. Reason being is you want the light to penetrate as far as possible to reach all those lower bud sites that will form. I periodically do light trims throughout flowering with no issues. Plants look really healthy, but for sure get the plant on the right a stool and bring the canopy even. Then level the lights lol.

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It all depends on how long u wanna spend growing 1 plant. I’ve done few diff ways and best for me as I like to keep going is let it do it’s thing on its own. If they grow real tall then next time I will lst or top them and keep them lower and wider I have a auto I tried to fim but believe I topped her lol. Tied her down some. Don’t be scared. As long as u squeeze the branch between ur fingers a good inch or so of the branch to soften it up it’ll bend. Ice. That will open up a glow for the nutes. Do it will every branch if u want with photos just give repair time before flower flips is all. Autos r better with lst

Just did my 1st trim was the gorilla glue got 2oz of dry bud, not sure if thats good or not, but it will keep me happy for a while lol.

Put it in a grove bag, not sure what im supposed to do with the leftover bag & the powdery stuff lol


The powdery stuff is keif! The good stuff! It’s the trichomes that fell off your buds while trimming. There’s all kinds of things you can do with it from as simple as scooping up a line and laying it on a joint as you roll up to pressing it into pucks and all kinds of things to turn it to edibles. It’s the best of the best!!
A lot of people will take trim and turn it to budder for cooking sweet treats for the head!
There’s varying degrees of THC or CBD in all the parts but that keif is pretty much pure THC. The trim has the least and the harshest smoke so most find other ways to extract and use the THC there.
You can do a lot of it with a crock pot or Instant Pot.
It doesn’t HAVE to be a science fair project!

I love this ladies approach and her stuff is pretty well documented and backed up.

Enjoy the best hobby on earth and Best of Luck to you!!


@Tylersays thank you for the great info !! Cant wait to try all this

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Those look like some nice Trimmings @TT, the kief too. I use a small scoop tool to load it on a bong hit. You’ll enjoy that! Was that after 3 weeks of flower or so?

I raised everything almost up and made enough space to bend Ms. Leggs mcgoo over a bit. Hopefully I’ll flip this weekend.


Oh yeah they ready good luck :+1: