1st Ever Grow, The good, the bad & the ugly

First ever grow! All the way through, by myself.
I had plenty of problems , but I have plenty of successes to. And I just wanted to document the journey.

I started off with White Widow seeds and Girl Scout cookies seeds. They came in the same bag. So who knows. Both Auto feminized.
I have a 600 watt Hydro Mars
4x4 grow tent
Cheap fans for intake and outake ( really see, this is where I kind of went out on my own. I didn’t want to do the carbon filters I was afraid of smell and everything was going good but sometimes I would just leave the tent a little open and just have fans blowing the air in and out) *I should have started with osolating btw
Fox Farms Happy Frog Soil
Big bloom, Tiger bloom, Grow big
Ph around 6-6.5 ( more problems here I wanted to spend as little ones like which probably stunted some growth by giving the wrong pH)
Another problem I ran into early on was I didn’t know you’re not supposed to transplant autoflowers! So I started in the smaller pot. If I had started in a gallon, imagine the difference!
I was on a 16 an hour daylight schedule but it really did fluctuate. I did nothing by the book but it helped me learn along the way. I’ll just get into some pictures…

(Aww omg baby plant too cute)

I also sometimes switched back and forth giving sunlight

Just look at what I had going on, bro. I didn’t get a 10 until later, I told you I was trying to be cheap. The aluminum probably got a little warmer but I’m sure that was the least of my problems here

But hey it go me here so

Tent came in and wewe took off!

By tthis time you can say I was SMITTEN

ThiThis is where it got sticky… harvest time. I found in my main Apex Bud, a small cottonee looking Pat and when I opened it up it was mold. Very small and I caught it early so thank God! I was able to cut that out and I looked up a hydrogen peroxide diluted bath wash, and just wash them mean Apex bud so there wasn’t spread. Even under a 100x times scope I didn’t see anything. And I thoroughly went through the rest of the buds. Must have just been a fluke. My humidity was always usually 40 to 50 andn temperature was always Good

I just deconstructed the bud itself, you can kind of see what I’m talking about

I didn’t photograph hanging in it, I put fans on it, I know dumb, I was just afraid of mold. So it dried in two to three days. I’m curing it now and have read into a few tips and tricks. But everything has gone good so far in this has been my final result.

Around an 22g?

Not bad for my first :heart:


Very nice first grow! Love to follow along next time!


Not bad at all. :+1:Also love to follow your next one.

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Sit back and enjoy your hard work.


@Drinkslinger @Oldguy @Covertgrower Thank you!! I will make a follow along next time so you can maybe help me along that journey!


@anon47475595 Congrats enjoy the smoke.

Definitely, we all like watch flowers grow here. For sure.

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That’s an entire grow in a single post! How long did it take u to put that together? N good job looks like u got some good solid buds there!