Myfirst grow White Widow autoflower

Just harvested my first grow. I germinated 5 white widow autoflowers, had all 5 germinate, transferred them right into 5 gallon plastic pots, Used promix cc40, floraduo parts a&b by general hydroponics, and in a cheap outdoor greenhouse with soft sides 8ft X 15ft X 8ft tall. They took 13 weeks after coming up thru the soil. Between them after cure I ended up with 404.8g with 2 plants yielding around 101g each.

Only issue was a pure rookie mistake and that was starting them with tomatos / veggies from Menards and I had one plant get red spider mites but took care of that quickly with some organic spray from the local grow store. Wish I could post some pictures


Looks great! Sweet haul. N congrats on making it to harvest! Next up curing then smoke reports. :+1:t5::+1:t5:


@420keppy … great looking buds for sure. I love the grow tent/green house.


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Awesome smoke from the ww auto harvest

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Great news! Told ya its super underrated. People who try it normally cant believe what it is in my experience. Especially grown properly.