First White Widow Auto harvest

My first white widow grow. She took off once flowering started , continuing to stretch while filling out in buds up to harvest day. Smh got lucky on this one with my ability to over nute my girls. I got 12ozs dried filled 14 qt jars ! Mellow body buzz with an uplifting effect for me. Grown under 8-40watt 6500k cfls and 4- 4 ft led shop lights for side lighting. Kept at 84 degs day and avg of 68 at night with humidity stable at 60 veg and 45 during flower image|666x500


Congrats on your harvest looks great!

Well done. I am part of the recovering overnuting club too. Nice to see they came through.

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Thanks man. It means a lot to me and others to hear another grower compliment their grow. Nutes lmao what a ride ! I think I’ve learned to harness my zeal for adding nutes. Especially after watching my GC turn nute polluted lol

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Congrats on the harvest.