I am wondering what everyone’s thoughts are on using 1 gallon pots or 7 gallon pots for autoplants?
This run I was able to fit 15 autoplants within 7 gallon ac infinity fabric pots on top of 14" drip trays within my tent.

Would increasing the plant count using 1 gallon pots be worth it, or should I keep the higher yielding 7 gallon pots?

Love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this.

Here are some pictures to get an idea of the current plant



Personally I think you’re fine as is. I did read that with 7 gallons for autos they don’t use up all the space in the soil so 5 gallons would be much better suited. And maybe you can fit an extra 3-4


@Sammys thank you for the feedback. Great point on using 5 gallon pots.

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For sure. I’m sure if you really wanted you could go 3 gallon minimum, as size really does matter from 3 gal → 1 gal.

I can show you in one of my current grows (actually doing an experiment) with 3 gal vs 1 gal, same strain, same environment, same watering, but totally different sizes.

I’ve read that autos in 5 gals utilize all the soil and the roots can use all that space, where in 7 gallons you’re just losing a bit of soil because the autos don’t utilize that space.

@Sammys I would definitely be interested in seeing your set up and results! I think you convinced me with the 5 gallon containers for autoplants amd I will keep my 7 gallon for reg plants. Now I have to get a second tent :laughing:


I have two different setups. One indoor and one outdoor. Here’s my GSC, you can see the difference between 3 gal and 1 gal. I, too, have also switched to 5 gal after getting a greenhouse hehe

I’ll also take a picture of them together for you today so you can see what the difference is between them both. It’s incredibly different

Hope all is well @Sammys. I am curious to see an update on your grow is going, if possible. I noticed you were using the LST clamps. I just purchased some and plan on trying on my next grow ( grow 3) .

Here are some pics from my 2nd grow harvest. I still have about 6 days left for drying. I have them in a tent maintained around 60 -64% humidity and a temps of 62-67deg Fahrenheit.



Sure, which one? I’m currently doing 2 :))

The 3 gallon grow GSC.

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Actually posted a link to it above, here it is: Topping Girl Scout Cookies Extreme - Diary - #12 by Sammys

I haven’t updated the pictures in a minute though