10weeks on both a black widow fem and Lsd auto

I’m at 10weeks light 8/6 hrs off. Lsd has buds think almost ready to harvest and black widow not flowering yet any helpful hints would be appreciated.


Change the light to 12/12 that should get the BW to flower. The LSD must be a auto.
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You have several weeks to go to harvest. Wait for the white pistils to change color and recede back into flower. Your flowers will look like this at harvest time:

Harvest based on trichome maturity to your taste.


Thanks, yes Lsd is auto flower. So when do we stop giving bloom liquid feed?

Follow your nutrient feeding schedule that will get you in the ball park but all things can be tweaked. Like midwest said you have a bit to go before harvest with the LSD


Thanks, so how close to harvest do you stop nutrient in water? Someone said a week or something like that? Sorry for all question they so pretty don’t want hurt my girls. Lol

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A week before harvest would be ok. Do a big flush and just water her after that if needed. I let the plant dry out the pot then chop.

LSD is a nice looking plant I’m going to grow one this fall. Black widow is going to be a big plant when you flip the light.

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Agree with @MidwestGuy @TLC 3 weeks still some white pistols nice looking grow welcome to the community

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Thanks for all info. Oh I hope so. We harvested one Lsd, currently curing taste tested it after curing for week and it’s some good strong stuff. Lol
We going flip to 12/12.

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Update us when the BW gets into the stretch. YW

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LSD looking so nice still flushing with just water. Black widow is growing lol done passed up her sister lol. Been on 12/12 for week. How long y’all think take black widow to start flowering. Guess when she’s ready lol.


. Bro your LSD is gorgeous!! The trichome cont it’s getting way up there!! It’s beautiful. TLC is right about the Black Widow mind grew over 2 ft when I flipped it there she is today in all of her glory


Wow she’s beautiful, how long it took her to start flowering after you flipped her. Her buds are beautiful I can’t wait for mine.

Thank you Cajun . She was almost 2 weeks behind the Skywalker and the Bruce Banner that were on the same time frame. But the whole time she was growing up and out. I’ve got her all tied up now she was everywhere. LOL

I can’t wait to smoke it either. I don’t think I’ve ever had black widow weed. Although did make some concentrate from the trim of it one time and it was way too strong. I am very much looking forward to trying the Black Widow

Hell yea, lol can’t wait to try some, LSD is pretty strong, we harvest one month ago.

Our first probably should let her go longer but pretty good stuff.
We had som godfather OG and they were doing good in December but I got sick in hospital and we lost power for about a week and loss them😢. Tried to get them back but no luck. I wanted to try them so bad supposed to be one most thc.

Yeah that’s a mac daddy Bud bro. Awesome. No you harvested at the perfect time it’s in your hand. Nobody tells you what to do when it comes to that. No Shoulda Woulda Coulda. In the hand bud. LOL. That Widow is 18 inches taller than everything else.

Skywalker in the front Bruce Banner in the middle and Widow at the end. She grew up until she’s 18 in from 1,000 watt bulb any taller I’d have had to cut it. It worked out perfectly though LOL

Yea think probably another week and we will harvest LSD. Man that’s a beautiful garden there lol. Have to let me know how it all taste lol.