LSD feminized outdoor

Has anyone else ever grew this outdoors? If so is it good?


Never have, but nice plants. I’m surprised to see a lot of current outdoor plants that aren’t flowering by now. Mine started July 13 for some reason.


Mine are actually starting to flower now. I got small buds all over them.

Yep, I see them now. I’ve never grown an outdoor plant before, so didn’t know what to expect. I’m looking forward to seeing this finish. If I can keep it in decent shape the next 5 days of 100 degree temps, and very high humidity.


@Shellbell she is looking real nice and healthy. I have never grown and LSD but am super excited to hear how it turns out.

@Dexterado i only have 1plant out of 10 starting to flower right now. All the others our transitioning right now. I should start to see pre flowers within the next oils of week or so.
But one Ponderosa Cookies is way ahead of the game. She already has made the move and is starting to flower. Way earlier than I expected. Must lean alittle heavier on one of the phenos than the others.


WOW those look great. Mine haven’t got that far in bloom yet but when they do I hope they look like yours.

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Thanks, I see so many plants that either have just started, or haven’t even started yet, and I wonder how they get done in time before first frost which is mid to late Oct. here. Still not sure why mine started July 13, but not complaining.


I trimmed the crap out of mine the last couple days. I also been putting foxfarm big bloom on them once weekly and about 3 tsp in a 5 gallon bucket of water so i don’t burn them up again. If these make it to the end of October then I’ll have a nice amount of weed and be pretty proud of myself lol.

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