10weeks on both a black widow fem and Lsd auto

It’s supposed to go for three more weeks. Thanks for the compliment by the way. I put my heart into that grow. I wanted a room full so I went with six rdwc with top of the line ilgm strain. I think it’s going to be a real ass kicker when it’s done

That picture was terrible I had to shoot one from the other side

Anyhow it’s a room full and I’m awful happy with it

How do the trichomes look thru the loupe? She still has a few white pistols, sometimes plants will go past there estimated flowering time. If the trics are looking good your good to go. Plants are loooking good bro!

When do you all like to cut your weed? I usually wait till a third of the trichomes are Amber. I’ve heard people say when all the trichomes are milky. What is the general consensus of the perfect time to harvest?

Well I received my 30x loupe I ordered finally and omg the stuff I was missing lol :joy: millions of trichomes and they all clear. So continue clean water and my black widow is in beast mode growing higher and higher lol. No flowering yet.

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Maybe she needs to be fed a bit longer I see a few more weeks yet. Enjoy the black widow be a fun plant to experience.

Thanks yeah going keep LSD off nutrient just water or you think I should add nutrients. Thanks

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Post a current bud pic :thinking:

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I would feed her nutrients. Keep checking the trichomes focus on the bud and not the sugar leaves.

Ok thanks will do

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So we spotted couple bugs in LSD tiny specks and in soil came out when we watered her. Any ideas, not on plant just soil. Tiny tiny.

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Summer Grow vs Winter :thinking:Bugs can show up. Not always a bad thing


Did you figure out what the bugs were Cajun? On the soil, Maybe fungus gnats starting?

No not really to small and they fast lol. Latest pics black widow is still growing lol. LSD all little white hairs have turned and curled up. Trichomes seem to be clear. Maybe little milky

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The LSD is getting there looking good!

Thanks, should start flushing just water or wait little longer you think.

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I would wait but that’s just me.