1000 dollar setup

A question from a fellow grower:

I’m a first time grower and I’m looking to grow indoors. What is the best setup for a first time grower? I’m working with $1,000.

It all depends what you have to work with. Are you looking to grow in a tent, a closet or a small room?

First, put your money away and read and learn, start with this site’s grow bible.
How many people are you growing for?
Do you have access to electricity and water?
How hot or cold is the grow area? Is it humid or dry?



I’m in the process of picking up a book from Ed Rosenthal and Jorge Cervantes. I am wanting to read and research as mush as possible before I start my venture into growing. I’m taking every aspect into account from the best setup with the funds I have to how much odor the plants will give out. Im wanting to start with 5-6 plants if that is to many plants for a beginner please let me know. I was think of purchasing a tent for optimal protection for the plants but growing in my 6’x6’ closet isn’t a bad idea either. I will not start this process until i am sure that I have research and exhausted every means possible. I do not want to put any plant in danger. My thought process is if I can’t grow this plant I rather those seeds be sold to someone that can. Any help is greatly appreciated. Climate here is fair. Pretty hot during the summer and humidity isn’t as bad as Florida but it can get humid from time to time. I have electricity and water. I was thinking of investing in a water filter but I want to make sure I have everything covered as far as knowledge goes. Now I know I won’t learn everything through a book or tips from you guys but I do want to start this process with as much knowledge as my brain can retain. I’m not looking to grow more then 6-10 plants ever. So I guess my question is what setup did you guys use for your first time and what do I need and not need for my first grow.

I’m thinking of growing Big Buddah Cheese or OG. Not sure if that’s the best seeds to start out with.

P.S. Thank you Claire for uploading my question.

If you’re speaking of ‘Indoor Marijuana Horticulture (totally revised)’ by Cervantes, Clark & Rosenthal I highly recommend it.

ISBN 1-878823-17-5


Heat and humidity need to be controlled before a grow…air conditioning and a dehumidifier (maybe)…you use room air to cool the tent.
Lights put out heat, the less expensive ones heat the most.
Decide what you want to grow in, soil or soiI less, a home made mix or hydroponics.
How many plants, max…6 or 10? :grin:
A 4’ x 4’ tent, with the right technique, could work.
6-10 plants would need bigger.


I’m decided to go with 10 plants. I have also decided to grow in my closet. I’m in the process of picking up some lights at a nearby store. Here’s a question that first comes to mind when looking at my closet. My house is on a pier and bean system. There’s tons of humidity under the floor. Should I take measures to ensure that humidity does not enter the room. If so what would be good methods?

Just like the air, you’ll vent and refresh with room humidity…you only need high humidity for the first few weeks. After that, without knowing relative humidity, you might need a dehumidifier…as the plants grow, they need less rh.

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If the relative humidity is high and not easily controlled, you need more fans to circulate air faster.

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Should I cover my walls with something? I noticed all these videos with foil type material on the walls.

Sorry for all the questions

Stuff called Panda Plastic, Mylar rolls, white paint, do a search at the top, the “magnifying lens”, look up wall coverings for more details, less typing for me :innocent:


thats why we are here!!


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If it was difficult, no one would respond…we ALL love talking about cannabis…no worries, but also don’t be afraid to search and learn,you usually learn more than you expected


I’m driving my wife crazy on how much I’m looking up and reading. :joy:

The emotions with this growing project are amazing. Excited, nervous, scared, and attentive all put together lol. Gotta love the Cannabis.


It’s amazing when it works well.

Safety first will your electrical system handle your intentions? For a laugh read my story.

one of my first mistakes was to not know the amperage of my main circuit box (150 amps). I probably was running two 1000 MH in my garden. My main overloaded and almost started a fire. Where there is smoke - there not always is flame, lol. I called the fire dept who made sure the garage where the main is located was safe then started looking around my garage and back yard for abnormalities, IE signs of a meth lab or grow house. lol. I am pretty discrete, nothing was blatant. My power is turned off by the local utility and I think the fire department will call the cops so I quickly kill and discard 20 3’ foot very healthy plants.
Everything green was wasted.
Then being the bright guy that I am I hire an electrician off craigslist- which is a online supermarket for services and material oddities here in the USA. I did not think about state licensing. He fixed the main and reinstalled the electrical meter. $500 cash. I then call the state entity that has to inspect in order for the utility to turn the power back on. When they arrive its “let us see your work receipt and a copy of the electricians license”. oops. No state license, no power. I then hired a licensed electrician to inspect and reinstall the meter. He sells me an upgrade. A brand new 200 amp main. $700 dollars.
Out the gate I lost at least $1200. Not including the 20 plants and months of delay.
That was more than 6 years ago. And since I have totally enjoyed growing.
Safety first check power source will it handle what I intend to do.



Well first…Welcome to…ILGM

Don’t ever be shy. Cause we are all here to help each other…ok
Well , what size roo m are we talking here ?
Are you wanting i to use a tent
How many plants do you want to start with ?

You need to sit down and do some research only you know


Well I was to jump in way earlier but I got lost some where…lol
Anyway…yup these guys got you covered as I knew they would.
Your not going to find a better place than right here my friend.
I’m going to wait till phase #2. Lmao


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Keep it Simple at first - what will be the size of grow space - 1st thing you need to do - then your lighting, strains, ect