Hundred dollar setup

A question from a fellow grower:

Hi guys I heard great things about yal keep up the good work. I live in a smll apartment and want to start growing I don’t have to much money maybe a hundred dollars for the hold set up what do you prefer I do to get started and what’s the must best seed I can get with out the loud enticing smell that could get me in trouble but I know all will have some kind of smell.

I would suggest you read some of our topics in threads glean what info you can because we will help you learn but can’t grow it for you meaning you have to do the leg work :slight_smile:

I do not want to rain on your parade, but the only way to grow for under a 100 bucks would be outdoors in a store bought soil, and 3-5 gallon pots. You would re-pot before flowering occurs into a larger pot with fresh soil.

I would but a WaterFarm kit for around 60 bucks,

Then save up for this light system:

There is a smaller less expensive option in the quewe of the sale page.

You will still need some type of PH tester, and generally a ppm meter; However; If you buy this, I can tell you a formula that will not hurt your plants using GH 3-part. A very simple nutrient system.

I started with #-part and used it for about 5 years. Great for using an additive or 2 once you learn to grow successfully.

And; Before anyone suggest a bunch of stuff, I want to say; "You can grow a nice drop with just the 3-part, and noting else! :slightly_smiling:
Peace, and Happy Growing.

Hey . How’d that get directed to me lol I know what I’m doing plus I don’t have a hundred dollar set up lol mine’s alot more expensive than that lol, just the lights in my set up are 2,500$ lights

likely because I used link to another thread in it lol

Lol alright, I was like hey wait a minute lol i know that wasnt my thread lmao thanks for re assurance buddy

I suspect that @latewood or @MacGyverStoner will find it useful to link this thread to the one I posted since they are the same nature tight budget growing :wink:

Right, makes sence, and i agree they’d probably find it useful