10 of 15 seeds did not sprout

slh×4, obu×3, oxs×3 order # 2045670 10 did not sprout. 2 keeled over right after sprout. So I have 3 plants out of 15 seeds.1xslh 2×obu. THIS IS THE 3RD TIME I HAVE TRYED TO CONTACT ILGM. NO ONE RESPONDS! THANKYOU

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Well this forum really has nothing to do with the seed site sales or pirchases. Did u contact them thru email or call a number. Usually emails are answered upon order received and if it was a rude email by chance maybe get set off to the side to see if a proper email comes idk but im sure someone can lend a helping hand gettinv someone to let u know whats going on with your order. How did u germinate the seeds orders steps and all are imporatnt. The seedlings that limped and died was it an over water issue not enough light there are alot of factors here. Explain a bit on how u did the seeds start til death and donu still have the seeds is important???


Soaked seeds in dark place as recommended, I did put just a little peroxide in water. The 3 that sprouted had good tap roots. The others cracked open but thats all they did. Probly can’t find seeds in soul, as most were really small. Thankyou for your time.

Small is usually sought after provided they are mature. Hard to say what happened to them based on information provided. In most cases when seeds germinate but die off is usually an issue with too much water.

Sorry to hear the seed shop hasn’t responded yet. Perhaps @ILGM.Stacy can take a look for you.

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I had a germination issue very recently and they responded in 2-3 days I think.



We haven’t received an email from you about this yet, perhaps you replied to a newsletter? Please get in contact with our support team via the support page so we can help you out: Contact ILGM - We'd Love to Hear From You!



Steprock wondering if there is anything. You can do. About the bad germ ination you can do ive got 16 out of 40 seeds the most of them busted but didnt. Sprout the tail

Just curious as to why smaller versus larger? Seed size related to Calyx size?

Just seem to pop faster


I had a issue with super skunk this year. Out of 15 only 3 sprouted, very disappointed. On a good note my old seeds from ILGM sprouted just fine.

Cannabis seeds vary in size depending on strain… Ive seen some seeds that are almost as large as peas, and others that are very small. The size of seed does not seem to matter when it comes to plant size.

same contact problem-here-I have an issue with germination and can’t find an email link to contact these guys-done on purpose, I’m sure.
So what’s the link?

I believe it was www.ilgm/support.comill look thru my emails

Oh try support@ilovegrowingmarijuana.com