Need help please. I can't find a clear way to even ask for help

I can’t be the only one on here that finds this site impossible to deal with. My seeds all failed, I hate 100 percent grow last time and these new seeds all were duds. Who do I talk to. There is no clear way to tell them your seeds sucked. What do I click on cause I don’t see it.

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Customer support or service


What method did you use to germinate your seeds?


@Myfriendis410 this is a moderator i tagged them should be able to help, sorry to hear that u seeds didn’t work, this forum has been a blessing for me and customer service usually responds to email within 24-48 hrs hope this helps

Unfortunately forum moderators cannot help with these kind of issues. They need store employees. Which is fastest resolved through email provided by the store. Which I know who to tag. I just can’t remember the name. As always. Got it. @ILGM.Stacy


Sorry didn’t know that, email. I have before in the past when I ordered my seeds, 1-2 days got back with me good luck, sorry for the confusion

ON the main website you hit Support > then Contact > then fill out a little form with Order # and issues.

They are stellar in Customer Service from my experience, but allow a day or so for a response, not everything is instantaneous and I believe the support team may or may not be US based.

11 Stars on Service, because it goes to 11 - if you’ve ever tried to deal with other seedbanks…


Does that mean it’s louder?


Go here and fill out the form at the bottom.


Sorry to hear you are having problems. I too am having a hard time starting seeds. Last grows were all awsome and this time 3 efforts and 9 seeds all failed but I’m sure it is something I’m missing.

Thanks for your help and kind words about our service, we appreciate it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

We reply within 24 hours max but usually, we manage to reply within a few hours (apart from the weekends).
Most of us are based in The Netherlands, we got 2 support reps in the USA.

So for everyone that has trouble germinating their seeds, please contact our support team here.


Thank you. I hope you received my message. I think i sent it twice.

I sent an email last week and haven’t received a reply of any sort. I’ve looked extensively for the site you mentioned but can’t find it.

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Wow, took 7 yrs for your 1st post :+1: congrats.

Did ya try here…

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I did! Left an email but got no reply. None of my seeds have grown and i am a seasoned grower.

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@Spiney_norman got any advice for member :point_up::green_heart::metal:

Find the original email that came when you ordered your seeds and hit reply. include a brief message about your problem, Give them at least 24hrs as there is a time difference.
That works well as your original order number is attached that way.

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I’m unable to locate that email. However, I gave them my order# in my email to them. I can give if here if necessary.

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Wow, i heard that ILGM has a poor germ rate but this is a disaster. Any news?

I have been growing seeds from ILGM for years now and this is the first time i have had difficulty. I think it was a fluke. They are replacing my seeds and i am happy.