1 of the 3 fans i have inside my 300w 140 true watt led died. what should i do?

my galaxyhydro 300w 140 true watt led grow light is only 3 months old and 1 of the 3 fans that is inside it stopped spinning the fan in the middle of the light spinning but the other 2 fans are working good . is this going to effect the brightness of the light ? and is it necessary that I fix it ? I am afraid to open the light up to change the fan

If your lamp is 3 months old, there should be a warranty.

I would definitely be worried about a cooling fan going out. They are put in the design for a reason. If there are 3; It is possible that 1 or more are dedicated to different areas.

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my led light is a galaxyhydro, galaxyhydro is a Chinese brand. I don’t think they put that much science in to the design of the light galaxyhydro does have a good reputation though. I bought the light from amazon from a 3rd party seller amazon said that they will give me a full refund if I return the light. the problem is that I have a plant growing underneath it and if I return the light before I get a new one my plant will die. i have computer fans laying around my house, should i try to replace the fan my self ? or should i order a new light and when i get the new light return the defected one and get a refund ?

Oh woo ouch …?

Just put it under cfl until replacement comes in think with 2 fans still working u should be ok

LEDs need to stay cool, the added heat could cause some of the LEDs to get too hot and burn out. Not only that, a hot LED is not as bright as it should be, it will quickly lose much of its efficiency as it gets too hot.

I would do one of the the previously mentioned ideas, fix it right away if you have an equivalent fan, but keep in mind opening it might void the warranty.

Or as suggested, temporarily using a bunch of CFL light bulbs to maintain the light schedule the plant is already under, and send it back, or maybe buy another and return the defective one for the full refund.


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my galaxyhydro 300 is weird. I have the light hooked up to a timer and today when the light turned on it made a grinding sound for like 20 minutes while all 3 fans were spinning and then the sound went away and all 3 fans are working now. do you think the fan stopping could just be a one time occurrence ?

Probably not, the fan is probably going out. If you know about computer fans you probably have a little idea of how these types of “brushless fans” work. The grinding noise will probably only get worse.

You can really make do with most household CFLs, no matter if it is in veg or flower, I wouldn’t even get too hung up on the Kelvin color stuff, i.e. warm white/2700K vs, cool white 6500K. Just use what ever you have and try and keep it as bright as possible with the household cfls.

Of course contact the seller and work with them, maybe you together can figure out some other alternative not already mentioned. But if this light has a long term warranty, it is worth working with the seller or manufacturer to keep the warranty valid and get it fixed or replaced properly.


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the fan stopped spinning again I taped the fan with a tooth pick and the fan started spinning again. I noticed when the fan stopped spinning my light was dimmer. will putting the light closer to my plant make up for the loss in brightness ?

I’ve already told you what I think you should do. The fact that the light dims is not a good sign, this probably indicates the LEDs are getting too hot and this could lead to them burning out.


sometimes you have to take advise given it is given freely and not to lead you astray so should be truly considered and not simply ignored in hope you will get another opinion a dead dog is a dead dog not an almost dead dog. Running damaged electronics will only make the problem worse fix it or replace it but don’t ignore it


Welcome to growing. I am sorry to hear about this. You should just buy another, and plan to keep it. Then you have a backup.

Send the broken ballast back and get another. Now you have 2. This allows you to expand if necessary.

I use the Ipower lamps we promote in the ILGM Buyers guide. I have 3 different models and all work perfectly.

Do not void your warranty. You will end up buying a 2nd lamp anyway, in the end. Peace.lw

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I ordered another galaxyhydro 300 from amazon I should receive it Wednesday and when I receive the new one I will be returning the defected one for a refund. on amazon.com it is advertised that galaxyhydro has a good warranty and I cant find anyway of contacting galaxyhydro amazon gave a phone number for hydro galaxy which is not the same as galaxyhydro. does anyone know how I can contact galaxyhydro ? and do you think using this defected light until I get the new one Wednesday is going to lower my yield ? I am growing a single autoflower and its 5 weeks old and its flowering

In this case, if this is what you are going to do – and therefore not concerned about this LED getting damaged by the increased heat as you are going to be sending it back, yes – moving the light closer to the plant will help make up for the loss in brightness, and hopefully it will survive long enough for your replacement light to arrive.

Is the light “by GalaxyHydro and fulfilled by Amazon”? If so, can you go to the vendors page on Amazon, then maybe you can write them at least. I have done this with different Chinese vendors on Amazon and had reasonably good success working things out with them. Often maybe negotiating for 50% or more refunded to me and not sending the product back. I’m not necessarily recommending this exact solution in you case, but as an example, and a thought for maybe a situation in the future, if you were handy enough to fix/replace the fan yourself and they were willing to give you a 50% refund, and they might even be ok with it and not void the warranty, this would not be a bad deal.

Anyway, something to think about, and I hope this light lasts until at least the replacement arrives.


why do you say if I am not concerned about this led getting damaged. why putting the light closer to my plants is not good for my led light ?

ipower lamps are HPS, don’t they produce more heat then led lights ? and if I was to get a HPS light what size would you suggest for a 30/18/36 W/D/H inches grow tent ? rite now with my 300w 140 true watt led and my x2 24w 14.8 true watt led grow bulbs my tent temperature is from 83 F to 86 F with lights on with lights off my tent temperature is 77 F to 79 F . I have x2 exhaust fans and x1 intake fan and a clip on fan on the inside of my tent blowing on my plant. will a HPS light even work with my size tent and the fans I have considering my temperatures now ?

No, letting the light run with the fan broken and the LEDs getting too hot is what will damage the light, the LEDs will get damaged and maybe burn out by not having the fan keep them cool enough. I don’t understand why I am not making myself clear, lol.


I was going to recommend the same similar action. If you bought this from amazon, then it should be covered and you should have an issue that should be addressed through the Amazon customer support. I always buiy of ebay, and if this happened to me at ebay; I would be getting a new light from seller, and a return shipping label for the broken unit.

If you wanted to buy an HPS. I would recommend an Ipower 400w digital switchable ballast system. Comes with everything. I have the 400w model as shown, and a 600 watt model with air cooled hood. Awesome light system. Is switchable down from 100% power, to 75%, and 50%, making this a very versatile lamp. to change from MH to HPS. You only have to switch the lamps.


This will work in your small tent because, you have a decent exhaust system.

I received my new light today it came one day early. I put the new light in my tent the same distance from my plant as the defected light was. but then I realized that the new light was much more brighter then the defected light so I moved the light further away from my plant. I left the new light the same distance from my plant as the defected light was for 3 and 1/2 hours before I moved it further away. do you think I mite have light burned my girl ? there is no signs of burn but I read that light burn from led lights shows up weeks later . do you think I should be worried ? I had the defected light 9 to 10 inches from my plant and I had the new light the same distance for 3 and a half hours