Zkittles auto first time grow

Hey all I need some help! My first time growing indoors I have a 2’x5’ tent with a 600 watt LED light, and breathable 1 gallon pots, small fan on the floor of the tent and exhaust fan out the top, only using filtered water(24oz per day during flower)Zkittles Auto planted in MotherEarth soil on June 10 2021, sprouted June 15 2021 and these pictures are from September 6 2021. Not sure what these issues are but I’m about to scrap the plant, is this able to be saved? Can this be dried out and smoked? Should this all be thrown out? Help!!

Can you please post pics taken under white light? It’s impossible to see color and texture with the burple light.

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This is about a week ago

Looks like nute burn. Do you know your pH and runoff PPM?

No idea. Is that a soil issue?

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Make and model?

Yep. How long has she been in flower?

This is the plant on August 3 2021, and the light in using. The light was on veg and bloom 16/8 the entire cycle until a couple days ago I turned on ONLY bloom. (Thinking the temp was too high and causing stress) tent is usually between 74°-80° And 50° humidity. She also had a really late growth spurt that seemed weird to me.

First, you plant looks really nice in the Aug 3 pic. Second, you can do so much better with a good light. What you have is referred to here as a “blurple” There is a support group. They meet on Thursday.

I would look at was was changed. Either just before of after the Aug 3 pic. I’d also back off on the nutes just to be sure. Like 1/2 strength or less.


What would you recommend for a white light brand and wattage? My tent is 36x20x63 I wasn’t sure if 600w was too much? I haven’t put any nutrients in. I used motherearth soil and filtered water, that’s it. Would distilled h2o help remove excess nutrients?

My next light will be a HLG. I’m looking at the 600 RSPEC.

Then I take it back. Not nute burn, she’s starving…

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In addition, I would probably change up your watering habits too. Instead of predetermined amount, thoroughly soak pot when you water, then wait until it has dried out some before watering again.

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I’ll look into those lights thank you! I switched back from filtered to distilled water. It’s already been over 3 months total time is it too late to save this one? I added these three to my plant this morning. I’m hoping this will bring it back!

:joy::joy::joy: leave it up to a Jar Head