Yellowing with progressive necrotic tips

Morning all,
I’m having this condition on all of my outdoor growing clones. Not sure if it’s overwatering, Cal/Mag or Nitrogen deficiencies. It’s a progression from the bottom leaves. New growth seems fine but this issue could eventually catch up. Something I’m trying to avoid. I have a strictly Nitrogen fertilizer coming today. Cal/Mag, Uncle Jack’s 20:20:20, and Easy Weed supplements I currently have on hand.

I’d appreciate and incite as to what the issue might be.
Thanks and be well…elliot

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Can’t really help with a pic of a couple of leaves. How about pics of the whole plant.

Don’t worry about a maturing plant shedding its lower leaves. This is normal.

Cal/mag isn’t necessary when using Jack’s. Jack’s has plenty of calcium. Feeding of magnesium when using Jack’s is accomplished by adding pure Epsom salt at 1.2 grams per feeding.

Jack’s (+Epsom) contains all the nutrients you plant needs. Adding additional products with more NPK just adds to the risk of nute burn.

So if nute burn is the culprit, should I do an extreme flush at the next watering?

These may help you to diagnose any issues you may he having.


What is an extreme flush?

Flushing out with multiple times the amount of plain water than I would normally use.

Just do the right thing going forward. I don’t see anything bad enough to justify a flush.

from the chart sent, it looks like a potassium issue or just over nuking in general.

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Thats just a runof the mill flush. IT
t takes 3 times the water of the volume of your pot. (5 gal pot- 15 gal water) I agree with midwestguy, as long as your corrective action is appropriate, you shouldnt need to flush.
That being said, I flush my soil every 4 weeks as suggested by the FF nute line I use. My plants love to be flushed. Everytime I do it they look vibrant the following day. I think people often misunderstand the purpose of the flush. Think of it like cleaning your kitchen. If you never use soap, is it really clean? Sure your dishes are put away and there are no chunks of food rotting on your counter but what you cant see could make you sick, even kill you.
The one way to grow where flushing isnt necessary is in organic living soil. The herd acts as a maid service and keeps that in check, also no salt build up when there are no synthetic nutes. Most often you see people say that if you water to runoff then no salt build up occurs but I urge you to try and get rid of salt by washing it away with salt water.

If you put too much nutes in or your soil ph is outta whack, a good flush will fix that. Think of it as a soil reset.

With Jacks you shouldn’t need to flush at all, should be able to just skip a feeding instead. Also are you using any microbes like Recharge or Miicrobial Mass? These help to break down the nutrients for better uptake by the plant and also helps to regulate the nutrient availability and soil ph.