Yellowing on tips of leaves

So the larger plant seems to have extremely faint yellowing at the very very tip of the very bottom leaves. So small i cant get it on a picture well enough to see even really see it. Could this be a sign of something wrong?


Tip burn is from excess nutrients. It will happen in some soils even before you feed. Fox Farms Ocean Forest is one that will do that. Nothing to worry about. Many of us feed our plant looking for that as a sign we have hit the right amount of food.
If you are feeding you might watch close and it it gets worse then back off. If it stays the same just carry on.


Thanks for that. I used fox farms fruit and flower to fertilizer and measured it all out to the T. Will keep an eye out

Stellar you all just answered what I was trying to find out. Am using that exact soil. I guess that would mean the soil is still rich and hold off on feeding then right?


I dont think happy frog has the mass amount of fertilizer that ocean forest does. I have been told to use fertilizer with the happy frog. I used the fox farns fruit and flower exactly as it says. Seems that all my tips are yellowing but just the very tips. Plant still looks fantastic. Growing and growing. Seems that i hopefully got the correct mix.

Cool cool, I hadn’t added anything so was thinking under watering. But I pay attention to the leaves. Have one that when I water the top leaves droop the other 2 are chill. Turn a fan on and in the morning it’s back to normal. Honestly this is my first experiment so is what it is but for real they’re your babies.

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Hey @MartyMart , Welcome to the forum.
Not sure which Fox Farms soil you were referring to but Happy Frog will be good for a month and Ocean Forest about 6 weeks. By those times the natural nutrients within the soil are not enough to keep up with the plants fast growth. So at those points begin feeding at half strength for a week or so and then go up to full strength if you don’t see tip burn. If you have a PPM tester also called an EC tester then watch the run off numbers from watering and start feeding once PPMs drop below 1000.
Hope your grow goes well.

Hey thanks, I appreciate it. Sorry I’m a few weeks late on this. Reading things it’s nutrients gotta be. Now I know the bottom drop scenario.

But yea exactly what you were talking about lol sorry