Yellow leaves during Veg

Are full yellow leaves normal?
Do si dos
Planted 3/6/22
Coco loco soil
Distilled water ph 6.5 in 7.2 out


At first glance it just looks like a VERY cool mutation. Called variegation. Perfectly normal and not harmful but looks cool as heck.

Second thought that 7.2 bothers me. N this twisted top does as well. Normally both signs of pH outta optimum range/rootzone distress

Are you seeing any other recent discolorations?


No, it happened very early on. No new discoloration.

I flushed it this morning and got the ph further down, not sure on the twist.

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Ah then I think its just a variegation. No need for alarm

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Agree on this thought. Useful to watch parameters but if that bud site/cola has always grown that way, she’ll probably stay that way all her life. :v:

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Ive had something similar and was called tobacco mosaic virus. Not sure if thats yours but you can look it up and see.

You had weed with TMV? I thought I read somewhere that was EXTREMELY rare

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I just tagged you to a pic of tmv

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