What is this coloring?

Hi! This is my first grow. This one and her sister which both are gsc have the same coloring. My two others are green crack and do not show the same. What is it? Ph is good going in and out.

Looks like week 3 of veg or so??? Rite??

From what i see it could be simply that root growth and plant growth(above soil) are simply trying to find balance. Ad the vegetation above ground grows fast the roots can struggle to grow fast enough to keep everything the leaves need pumped up there.

I see this in sativas mostly. I would water only for a week. Make sure my soil and water ph are good and see what develops.

Only thing i add at this stage though is calmag if plant looks a little peekid

Whats your soil and water source?

Yeah she’s at the end of week three. Planted them all in fox farm ocean forest with coco. Been just using plain water ph’ed to 6.3-6.7. Just started cal-mag

Looks like a type of variegation. If it is, it won’t hurt anything. Just a genetic anomaly.

Just wait for new growth and see if it changes to one color or the other, or if it becomes problematic. It could be a genetic abnormality. It may be a quality that would make the plant a reject? Often times that stuff sorts itself out with maturity.

That would make sense. She does have a baby sister that has the same markings. Maybe I’m just being paranoid lol

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