My WWA’s are 88 days from seed and there are no amber yet, this is my 4th grow of WWA and each grow took well over 110 days my last grow took 120 days with a few amber trichomes. To my knowledge WW are infamous with trichomes not changing to amber is this true?


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I can see some amber trichs

You said 88 days from seed, how long ago did they start flowering? I can still see a few white pistils in your pics, which should be in line with starting to get amber trichs as your pictures show. If plant started flowering 30ish days in, that would put you 50ish days in flower. Which all seems pretty normal to me.


From seed or sprout? From ilgm? I got 3 going atm at around 50 days and that seems like forever honestly but I have read that before

You are right took about 30-40 days to start flowering. Yeah I saw those amber ones too these where taken by the same plant but different colas.

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sprout, YEAH with all my WWA grows took about 120 days. Since I got this light (HLG 600 Rspec) and stated to follow VPD and stopped using liquid fertilizers and now using dry fertilizers seems to work in their advantage and less coming out of my pocket… :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

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At 120 days the yields better be stupendous. How’s the smoke?

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Never grew an auto but all my photo took forever to mature after week 9/10 I dim the lights to try encourage the amber to show. Not sure if it actually has any significant effect :man_shrugging:

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they were airy as hell, it was the light it wasn’t bright enough so I got the HLG 600 Rspec