WWA issue late flower

So this is where i run into trouble. The specs…indoor grow soil ffof, LED light 1200w actual 230w. Just added another LED with another 125 act watts, using ff nutes last fed two days ago and that was after a flush 4 days before that. PH water in at about 6.5 and 6.0 out. PPM in 1200 and 650 out. Temps and rh…71 to 83f and 30rh.

She is comming into wk 11 of flower. Im looking at trichs now and seeing some clowdy a few amber. My question is this…whats the secret to getting more amber? I know the light/ lights are not optimal but they got me this far is there something else or is it just a waiting game?

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Pretty much. The older plant gets trichs will start to degrade, that’s when they start going amber.

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He could go down to a 10/14 schedule to speed up a bit huh?

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I don’t know that method to be 100% successful, but it wouldn’t hurt anything other than DLI.


You see those 2 new vids Bugbee put out a couple days ago?


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There are a lot of growers who never see any amber. Remember that amber trichomes are degraded. Peak potency would be milky.