Wwa in bubblers using GH 3 part nutes

Wwa finally have 5 seedlings on 4/20, and can’t think of a better day to begin this odyssey. Plan to use GH 3 part on 2 10 gallon totes made into home bubblers. Everything that can go wrong probably will so patience is the word.


My tap water is 141ppm. Seedlings are in rapid rooter. My area is 78f with 46% rh. I’m trying to do this on a low budget. Finally I can afford the best but see no logic in it. Cheaper and easier to just buy good smoke that someone else sweated over. At least that’s my plan. Lol I already have become a regular with ups fedex and usps. I have always gone overboard with my projects but I’m gonna try. I’ve read what many of others here have posted and I thank everyone for that shared knowledge.

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Today I noticed very little change. They were pushing on the dome so they are growing and roots are shooting out the bottom and sides of the rapid rooters so they are truly rapid and worth using. I’ll be starting the bubblers tomorrow. The leds will be used also but from a distance of several feet while they are tender. I emailed customer support and I’m awaiting the reply about replacing the seed that didn’t germinate. I think it was probably the rock wool. I’ll run the system with about 200ppm and about 5.8 ph in distilled h2o and slowly go up on ppm and change out every week or so with flushing. I had problems years ago with root rot and lock and small plants from letting it go to long without changing and flushing. A clean system should help. Should be easy with back up totes for quick change. May the white fly and spider mites stay far from your grow and big sticky buds appear overnight. Until the morrow my fellow stoners.


Sounds good so far brother - let’s see some pics of the girls whenever you get settled in. I’m sure they’ll be splendid especially as it sounds like you have prior knowledge from growing in the past. Good luck and happy growing :+1:

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Thanks @Sirsmokesalot for checking out my grow journal. I’m hoping for good results but we’ll see. I grew several good crops back 20 years ago and again 10 years ago using bubblers but it’s been my experience that everything changes when you change rooms. The air movement must be figured out and it changes with the season and plant size and stage of growth as I’m sure you know. I’ll be ordering a fan and filter to go with an a/c to try to have a little control over this Florida heat, 88 fn degrees today an 49 tonight and I’m in a 70 square foot closet. It’s gonna be a challenge but I think I can get a handle on things. I’m tired of paying $250 a oz for smoke. It’s not even top shelf either. Mainly little nugs. My last grow I pulled a couple of pounds and jarred and enough colas to last over a year. Hopefully good genetics and lots of luck will let me do that next grow this fall and winter. For now I have lots to learn. I don’t even know how to upload the two pics off my phone. I’ll try to figure that one out next. Thanks again



That was my motivation as well - I’m just north of ya in NC and it was the same scene 250-300 per zip and quality was not reliable in the least.

I’m growing in my attic so probably close to your same conditions. I pipe in 6 inch ac duct from a spare room in my house and it keeps it in check. If you have an ac for the room or closet specifically I think you’ll be alright as long as your lights don’t run extremely hot.

The girls look great can’t wait to see them flourish! Will be keeping an eye on your grow moving forward :+1: best of luck

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They went into the bubblers today. GH pph 200+_ ph5.7 temp 78f rh 49 using distilled h2o for starters and added 2ml,1ml and 1ml per instructions for GH 3 part. They do embrace the kiss method. I hope I don’t fuq it up. Lol Pots about an inch over water. Everything I read said wait until 4 sets of leaves before bubblers but roots were shooting out the rapid rooters and with autos the clock started running at germination. If it doesn’t work out I’ won’t be using autos next time.lol air pump is 950 gph with 6 ports on the manifold three 4x2 air stones in each bubbler. That should be plenty of air for now. No need for cal mag with my hard water issues but we’ll see what the numbers are after I add filters. Maybe some rhino skin. When budding will add some other GH products. I’ll change out the solution in a week or so when veggin really kicks in. Hopefully the intermodal spacing is adequate for me to try some scrog technique without topping. If I do any topping I’ll use them as clones.
I need to order more seeds just in case I kill these gals off. Northern lights fem sounds good. Lighting is getting critical. Trip to grow shop tomorrow. LJ said he’s got a cheap 1500watt led that’ll work fine for veggin and that will buy me some time to shop around. Home girl with the big colas said her autos get nutrient burn easily and recommended half strength and had hers at only 800 in budding. Also weekly cleaning. She has 2 plants in 12gallon solution. I noticed my thoughts kinda bounce around a bit after burning one. WTH I can follow it. At least I can understand it tonight. Lol
To all my fellow growers out there, may your grow be massive with so many big sticky colas that you have to go buy more jars.


Temp 77 rh40 borrowed LJs light for now 1500watt led by dimgogo. Probably enough for early stages of veggin if not too much for my tender seedlings. We’ll see what the day brings.

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I use the GH trio series but I don’t use this

I eliminated it with the Lucas formula which only uses the other two

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2 of the 5 responded poorly to the light and/or the bubblers. Folded in on themselves and had water on the leaves. Removed those 2 and left under domes. Consolidated the other 3 into one bubbler and removed the domes as the leaves were wet. Rh is down to 40%. Probably well on my way to killing these off and setting myself back a week. Time will tell soon enough! For now the survivors look real good.

@TDubWilly with the Lucas formula do you use something else for the nitrogen needs in the veggin phase? How good does it work for you? Are you growing autos or fems or regular seeds? Im interested in anything that works good and makes it easier. Thank you in advance

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I grow feminized photo period seeds.

Take a look at the nitrogen content of the grow, it’s at a 2

Take a look at the micro, it’s at a 5


There is more than enough N in the micro to meet your growing needs with the Lucas formula

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I read a little bit about it and it has gotten my attention. You just don’t know sometimes. Do you have any pics of the smoke you have grown with this yourself?

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This is a plant of mine harvested at the beginning of 2018, its the only grow journal I have over here. Just click on the title

This is what I have going now



I read some more on Lucas formula and I think I’m going to give it a try. I’ve got 2 bubblers going and I’m currently using distilled h2o. My ph this am had jumped to 6.2 from 5.7. I don’t like ph swings and I’m sure the plants don’t like it either. If this nutrient regimen eliminates these swings and the need to check check and re check just to maintain stasis then it’s not just easier it’s better. I’ll give it a try and we’ll see. Thank you for your suggestion

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Many things can dictate a pH swing. Nutrients don’t really stabilize the ph either other than silica…
Advanced nutrients make that claim but ive never used them.

When was the last time you changed your reservoir and what kind of water are you using (tap, reverse osmosis, or distilled)?

Are you using any nutrients with your tap water right now? If not I bet you need the smallest amount of nitrogen added to your mix. Tap is mainly calcium and magnesium and doesn’t really have N to make them grow.

If your already at 141ppm from the tap then add about another 150ppm of that “grow” formula, if you use “micro” while their this young you might burn them.

Btw tap water can contribute to pH swings.

Sometimes you can correct this by holding off longer on reservoir changes and using any silica and going by the recommended dosages on the bottle