WW Scrog Sprout Help

So as I mention in my previous post I started a female white widow, and I’m going to be SCROG again. Now second serious grow and with my first one I pruned the top to get it to start branching out. Now take a look at this.

It hard to tell from the picture, but that big top part is actually the first 3rd leave that came out and for some reason it turned into this monster while the rest of the plant remained smaller.

Has anyone ever run into a plant doing this? Should I pinch the leave off and let that juice go to the branches or just move underneath everything and keep it as it is?


Looks pretty cool actually :slight_smile:
I would leave it, I think pinching it would rid the plant of its number 1 worker. Although a real light pic would be good as I might see issues with it (spots?)

Keep the pics coming, though!


Spots look like nute splash to me but I’ve been wrong before
And I agree with @Matthew420 let it be for now it’s not doing any harm
And it’s definitely different


@Matthew420 - I with ya there, been moving the leaves under it around to help them get light. I took an updated picture below to better see spots

@Countryboyjvd1971 I’m not positive what it is, originally i had closer to the lights and thought that was the issue, and i haven’t notice it spread since moving away, but could be something totally different. I’m not using any additional nutrients yet, but it is in a miracle grow potting soil, not sure if that’s to strong but i didn’t notice a problem last go.

But as of now I think i will leave it and see how the baby grows, however, if this picture yields any new suggestions please let me know!

@BrandX if it was me personally I would change your dirt because the miracle grow releases nutrients at different times have you thought about flushing it I would not advise of that right at the moment but using that soil I’ve heard of people flushing it before using it I personally use Foxfarm ocean is also a hot soil but everything I’ve put It in has done well I have one sour diesel going that has a route that’s about an inch long but still has not broke dirt so it may be a little too rich for my sour diesel even help explaining any of that helps

@Hogmaster I actually heard some good things about Foxfarm - unfortunately it was not in stock at the local store but i was able to order some and look forward to using it with my next grow plus I had heard it also runs hot so to be honest was little nervous about using it as well.

No need to out of 5 of Roberts strains I’ve had five successful grows I wouldn’t use anything else since I’ve started using it I’ve even done a few start to finish with no nutrients at all just pH the water and still produced

All I used was distilled water PhD at 6.4 to 6.8 and Foxfarm soil zero nutrients


@BrandX when your soil comes in I would transplanted into a 3 gallon smart pots for a 5 gallon smart pots and you’ll be golden

@Hogmaster that sure its a beauty, and this is the first time im hearing of these smart pots but the look pretty cool, going to have to get some of them ordered as well.

They help so you don’t get root bound at least a lot smaller chance them in a 3 gallon plastic pot or five

Yea they definitely look interesting. Haven’t actually gotten them yet, but once I do I look to switch over.

Currently through plant seem to balance out, as seen below

Meant to include this picture as well…

As a novice grower I was intrigued to have a plant under 3 inches with 4 nice branches already, seems like my plant did some LST/Pruning itself lol.

So this girl is totally different from my previous grow.

Ever since the issue with the first set of leaves this girl has branch out amazingly IMO. My only concern is it being to bushy. My previous grow I didn’t have to trim many leaves during the course of grow but this girl there just too many. I’ve been trying to push them under or move out of the way as I’ve been told to try and not cut healthy leaves off. I guess my question for the more experience growers here would you cut any leaves here? Or maybe I should just start flowering now? Too soon? Just let it run its natural course for now?

Anyways any thoughts, comments, input would be nice.