WW in 11th week of flower

Planted popped seed on May 29. Switched lights to bloom on July 7. This plant still is about all clear trichomes not cloudy. It has been on bloom for 11 weeks. I understand the lights etc can alter the time BUT can it be so? The trichomes are crystal clear and I’m getting antsy after this girl as she’s the only one that made it this grow. I’m just supposed to watch those trichomes and go from there with personal preference?? Impatient me is only verifying I’m not doing anything wrong. I’m reading flushing doesn’t clear buds of anything. Is that right? Only flush to remove a big problem within the soil???

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Gotta factor in one to two weeks for transition: Flower is counted from first pistils. WW is a nominal 65 day flowering plant which puts you right about at that point now. Plus; the flowering duration is just a guideline and your mileage may vary.


I wouldn’t worry about the plant. It looks good. Just be patient and keep checking the trichomes. I just harvested my first grow yesterday and they stayed clear for what seemed like forever.


Thanks! I appreciate your help.

Thank you for clearing up when to start counting. If I had waited until after the first sight of pistils I wouldn’t have been so nervous. I did not realize that. I just couldn’t wrap my head around the time it was taking. I learn something new every grow. I appreciate your help!