WW autoflower 10th week

My plant seedling popped up on July 10 does it look like harvest is near ?


Looks like they’ve only just started flowering. You have quite awhile to go yet. I’d say 5 weeks at the very least. Probably more like 7-8 weeks.

Also, welcome to the community!


I agree with @dex2020 looks like this plant is in the early stages of flowering and I’d say his estimate 7-8 weeks will be a good guide to follow also invest in a jewellers loupe checking trichome is the most accurate way to determine harvest :love_you_gesture::sunglasses: stay safe


Thanks guys the first frost may be in about five weeks. I will need to do something before that time.


Like @dex2020 and @Growingscotland still weeks away.


Good luck with her and they can handle a little cold snap, may even bring out some colors. I wouldn’t get too worked up worrying about that. I didn’t read the other tagged journal but you absolutely can take off some fan leaves to lighten her up and air her out. Welcome aboard btw…

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Welcome to the forum. I agree with the others. A long way to go. The pistols normally will start to shrivel some, then they start turning an amber color. At that point. I will take a quick look at the trichomes. One mistake most make with any of these. Is they take the to early. They fatten up the last 2 weeks. kind of come on all of the sudden. She is looking great

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After trim up how about that trim job ?


Really opened her up there.

You should see bud development on those lower sites now! :call_me_hand:t3:

Looks real good, gonna keep watching.

Before and After


What do you think is happening to my leaves ?
Too much of something or maybe not enough ?

It’s natural for older fan leaves to die off. How does the new growth look? Looks fine in the pictures.

I see a little bit of burned tips, but other than that, they look good.

Is the condition just on larger older leaves?

After your advice I remembered seeing new growth and I (defoliant)cut so damaged leaves check the runoff it was 1125 ppm I think I feel better now. Thanks

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