Ww auto / unknown bag seed/ forbidden fruit bag

I got the fever a little over a month ago when some bag seed I dropped in some flower pots, not expecting anything sprouted. Soon after I ordered the ww auto and the first one sprouted today after 5 days. I ended up with 5 from the bag seed which are now getting bigger.


I had one ww auto sprout today and waiting on 4 more. I am also waiting on 3 bag seed that I was fortunate to have pop out of this forbidden fruit Indica which is amazing. Has anyone out there ever sampled the forbidden fruit? It’s amazing and very popular in northern California right know.



First i would like to welcome you ILGM " WELCOME "

My name is " Will " !

No I sure haven’t heard of that strain here in E. Tenn.
But it sounds interesting for sure…tell me more if ya don’t mind



Happy Growing @SourD

My 1st grow was from bag seed. Turned out to be some really good smoke! Good luck with your grow . There’s some good people with tons of info here.

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@SourD… Great job, everything seems to be coming together!! Good luck with your grow, plants are looking happy

Id love to try some Forbidden Fruit! Heard good things about it. Following!

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It’s a wonderful strain like starburst or skittles smell and taste. It’s an Indica dominant strain and it would be a miracle if I grew some :grin:


It got in the 50 degree range last night and my baby looks like it’s about to keel over. Should I be bringing them inside at night? Please forgive my stupid question


I’m new to growing but I’m starting an outdoor grow to compliment my indoor endeavors n personally I’m going to let the 3 blueberry autos start in a solo cup n get a bit bigger before I bring them outside, so if I were you I would probably take them in at night until they get a couple of sets of real leafs. I’m guessing based on night temps you live in the north east like me n it has been getting quite cold at night still. In a couple weeks that should be long gone though

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I will bring them in tonight. I’m actually in nor cal


Hmm thought Cal would be warmer… Shows what I know lol. But ya most things I’ve read said to keep them inside until they aren’t seedlings. Maybe invest in some cheap cfls to keep them getting light while inside? Could speed up there growth a lil if you have the space to do so

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Turned around and another 2 sprouted!!! The one in the big pot looks way healthier then the other two in cups, go figure. I germinated 2 straight to cups and 3 to the big pots as an experiment.

Struggle to get out


@SourD… I agree w/ tonyB… If you can get them inside at night, warmer temps in house and possibly just rig up a cfl bulb or two until they get more growth that would be ideal… You can put them outside for sun in daylight but if it’s getting that cold at night where you are, I’d move them in to warmer temps!

this guy on esty has some pretty awesome light set ups he makes n sells. I’ve gotten 2 from him lol. Personally think it’s easier than trying to buy n build a set up from home Depot or something. They are reasonably priced imo too

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Weather was in 90’s last week but this week 70’s and low 50’s at night. Maybe I should put in garage overnight


Amazingly four out of the five have sprouted two of them look very healthy while the other two are struggling I’m still optimistic they will bounce back as well as the fifth one will sprout

How much water should I be watering them now?

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I also have more questions for the wise ones regarding repotting. My bag seed plants are getting bigger and I was planning on repotting soon. I also have 2 clones that are also growing faster. I only have enough soil to transplant 2 or 3 of them right now so which should I repot first? Any and all please comment.


Gurus? Some help for the annoying beginner with questions

@SourD Repot the ones that need it most or whoever was in their pots the longest