WW Auto flower daylight hours needed

Hey Guys,

Wondering how many daylight hours needed to start a WW autoflower outdoor grow?
I live in Brisbane, Australia. Is the begginning of spring here, getting about 12.5 now but that will increase quickly now.

Cheers in advance,

P Mac.

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Plant away. If I were growing outdoors; I would not use auto flower genetics. Auto flower genetics are designed for Med growers with limited space, and a time line restriction.

Generally; Grown inside with 18-24 hours of light.


Thanks for the advice Latewood.
Already got a small tent going with your WW feminised.
Trying to make the most of a small amount of outdoor space in spring,early summer( I live in surburbia,so small plants at this time of year will be good use of the area).
Will use the same space after Xmas for for non auto outdoor grow.


In my experience, with most autoflower strains you need to use 24 hours of light, any less and you may get some or all flowering early at a smaller size than their potential. Outdoors with the sun being more intense than almost anything you could have indoors and the days getting longer every day they might react differently and you could possibly get a decent grow, I don’t have enough experience with autos yet to say with any certainty. Maybe the ideal time, depending on strain and projected flowering time, would be about 2-3 months before the longest day of the year to get the most out of an autoflower outdoors.

Robert did write a little article about growing autos outdoors:

Cheers for your input Macguyver,

As said, I have a small area away from prying eyes.
As I have neighbours small plants are a good thing. To early to start a grow for autumn yet as they will be to big for my yard/fences by then.
Im sure I will get a yield worthy of the money spent on seeds seeing the space will not be used untill after xmas. Autos should have a good 3 months before then.
Read Roberts auto outdoor article which is why I thought would be worth a try.
Will give it a go with 10 WW autos. Sure I’ll get more than cost of seeds.
Tent with WW feminised is going great. Will let you know how the outdoor auto experiment goes.

Thanks again.

Auto flowers are just that; They are meant to flower quickly and provide quick small yields. I do not think anyone is growing huge plants with autoflowers.

What would be the average yield for an outdoor Auto grow, in Summer do you think? I’m just about to put in AK47, BB, NthnL, Am Haze in Australia with 6 weeks left until it’s offically Autumn (though weather is different to US/Cananda/Europe from what I’ve been told anyway, our seasons don’t change on the dot like yours do, so will still be warm where I am in to Autumn, with daylight hrs shortening from March 24th).
Do the Autos get bigger yeilds with more sunlight? @latewood And how did your Automatic babies go? @PMac?
I’m in NSW with 3 normal (photos I should say) plants in the bush and 7 Autos in a glass of water waiting to germinate.